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Turning back few pages from my childhood days, of the pages is dedicated to TV serials. Yes those days the list of TV serials were limited, but the eagerness to watch them was unlimited. While there are many favorites there one of them is Ramayana which used to be telecasted on Sunday on the Door Darshan channel. Well, I am sure this one would be your favorite too. Well, you might be thinking why am I talking about serials now, well it was important as the place I am about the discuss holds some connections with Ramayana. And for me the way I remember Ramayana is through this TV serial only. Well, today let’s walk down to this one beautiful temple located in Avani. A little village which holds a lot of historic importance. The temple that we are about to explore is The Devi Sita Temple in Kolar, Karnataka.

Avani, An Important Part Of The Ramayana

AvaniAvani, this little village is placed in the Kolar district of Karnataka. As I said this is one ancient historic place which is a part of the Ramayana. People believe that Rishi Valmiki (The author of Ramayana) use to reside here during the period of Ramayana. People also say that Devi Sita used to live in the Ashram of Rishi Valmiki. After Devi Sita was rescued from Ravana’s custody, she happily returned home with Lord Rama, but when the Praja of Ayodhya doubted Sita’s character, Lord Rama had to send her back to Vanvas. During that time Devi Sita was pregnant with twins (Lava and Kusha). Rishi Valmiki saved Sita and took her to his Ashram and supported her with great devotion. Devi Sita then gave birth to Lava and Kusha and they loved in this very Ashram for years. Even today the room where Devi Sita had given birth to Lava and Kusha exists. People also say that the war between Lord Sri Rama and his twin sons Lava and Kusha happened in Avani. That’s a lot of connotation, isn’t it?

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The Ramalingeshwara Group Of Temples

As I said according to history war took place between Lava – Kusha, and Lord Rama & his brothers. But Lord Rama and his 3 brothers made a huge mistake by having the war with children. To forgive their bad karma, they established couple of Shiva Lingas. These Shiva Lingas are known as:

  • Ramalingeshwara
  • Lakshmaneshwara
  • Bharateshwara
  • Shatrugneshwara

Avani village is also quite popularly known as the Gaya of the south. It also happens to be the place where Lord Krishna tied knots with Jambavathi.

Devi Paravathi Temple

The idol of parvathi Devi is a swayumbu and the goddess temple is located further away from Shiva Temple. This temple is located in the premises of Rishi Valmiki Ashram. This temple is quite famous with those couples who do not have children but wish to have one. The temple is quite different from the other temples in every aspect. A couple who wishes to have children should undertake a small walk to reach the temple.

Other Places Surrounding the Temple

  • In addition to the main temples, you will also find temples with lingas believed to have been dedicated by Anjaneya, Vaali, Sugreeva and Jambavantha.
  • The temple compounds include the Basava Teertha, a small pond in the area of the temple and still used by the local people for their drinking water needs.
  • Lava Kusha Betta, the hill located behind the temple and the spot where Sita stayed, are also other spots for people interested in trekking.

Popular Festivals at Avani

The Mahashivaratri festival is celebrated with great grandeur. Also, the Ramalingeshwara Rathostava (jatre) is a pretty popular festival at Avani.

Reaching Avani

Avani is located 116 kilometers from Bangalore, 41 kilometers from Kolar and 11 kilometers from Mulabagal taluk in Kolar district, it will take maximum 2 hrs from Bangalore to reach this place. I am sure you will definitely like this place. While sightseeing this place you would surely revisit the story of Ramayana.

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Do visit once this place with your family and friends and take lot blessings from Lords. This little village has in store so much for you. Yes, a bit of history, a bit of surprise, a bit of adventure, it’s perfect for everyone in all ways. To get a real hang and understand the real story, you need to visit this place for real. Have you visited Avani before? Do you have some stories to share? Drop it down as comments below.

Devi Sita Temple In Avani Kolar, Karnataka

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