Auto Rickshaw – An Enlightening & Bumpy Ride

Auto Rickshaw – An Enlightening & Bumpy Ride

I am not an engineer or a scientist who would tell you about the technical design of the Auto Rickshaw, but I am going to tell you some interesting facts about Auto Rickshaw which you will definitely enjoy reading and you might even feel like you are going to take a ride in an Auto Rickshaw.

In 1947, Piaggio from Italy came up with the idea of creating lightweight three-wheeler Auto Rickshaw for easier transportation, but who would have thought that it would become so popular in India that it would be used across the length and breadth of this country and people would even enjoy the ride of it! In Southeast Asia, Auto Rickshaws are used with different designs, but I reckon that Auto Rickshaws are used largely in India compared to other counterparts. And, now companies in India have become leading brands in producing 3-wheeler Auto Rickshaws and exporting to other countries!

When I was a child, I always fancied the idea of travelling the world by Auto, if you are from India then you can understand the fact, kids from villages or rural area enjoy the ride of Autos like there is nothing blissful than this and when you see that it makes you feel like you are also a kid.

Auto Rickshaw is made for highways and byways. You can reach any corner of the town using Auto and this is why Autos are popular in India. India is a large country with a larger population; to reach every corner of India, Auto is the best choice.

Auto Rickshaws have become an integral part of the Indian public transportation system and even in metropolitan cities like Mumbai people enjoy doing “Mumbai Darshan” (sightseeing in Mumbai) by Auto.

I used to work in Mumbai and my workplace was far away from my home, I had no other choice than travelling by bus daily. Mumbai’s Monsoon is worldwide famous, to the point of being “notorious”. During extreme weather, you may not find buses on time because of heavy traffic, but you will definitely find Auto Rickshaw easily anywhere anytime. Many of the Rickshawalas are very helpful. Sometimes these Rickshaw drivers become saviours for lost commuters! In Mumbai, there are many heroic incidents of Auto Rickshaw drivers!

In India, you can name the location of Auto Rickshaws from their visual aspect alone! Agartala, Ahmedabad, and New Delhi have green Rickshaws with yellow stripes indicating the use of compressed natural gas as fuel. Mumbai, Kolkata, and Bengaluru have black Rickshaws with yellow stripes, which show the use of LPG as fuel.

Auto Rickshaws are really interesting if you observe the appearance. in India, Auto doesn’t have doors on either side, it has a canopy over the roof, three little wheels, and is a lightweight vehicle. Broadly speaking, it has been designed in such a way as if it is only made for the bumpy roads of India!

Few Auto Rickshaws have posters & names of Bollywood stars at the back of them.  And sometimes Bollywood posters are inside the Auto as well. It seems like Rickshaw drivers are the greatest fans of Bollywood.

The hallmark feature of the Indian Auto Rickshaw is even upper-class people travel by Auto at least once in their life, “Once in their life,” would be unfair, I would say, “Once in a while”!

One more interesting fact you would witness in India is people sitting on laps and one sitting beside the Auto driver. Few may say it’s risky, but for some it might be adventurous! Sometimes, friends enjoy such a ride with their group!

Few Auto drivers can give you amusing and deep insights on life and politics. You just have to sit back and listen to them and I am sure you will love it.

If, you come to India, I would suggest you to try Auto Rickshaw.  I am sure you would love this enlightening & bumpy ride.

Featured Photo of Madras auto-rickshaw by Prince Roy under CC BY 2.0


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