Atri, The Perennial Hot Water Springs In Odisha

They say life is an adventure. And it should be! If you want to spice up your life and break the monotony then try going on a trip. Do something extraordinary like visiting a hot water spring such as Atri in Odisha.

Sometimes a vacation or holiday can be the thing we need. It can get us out of a rut and it can refresh us. Work, stress and personal problems can overwhelm us. We are constantly working our brain and mind. It needs a break from the stimulation. Social media is also an added taxing element to our brain and eyes. Going to a calm, serene place can give us the stimulus we need. Trying an adventure sport or activity can also boost our health and recharge us. When was the last time you felt at peace? Are you looking to plan a vacation? Do you want to know where to go? Don’t worry we have all the answers for you!

India is a land full of exciting places and things to do. Tourists from all over the world come here to marvel at our history and natural beauty. For example, the north is packed with stunning peaks and rich valleys in Himachal Pradesh. The western parts of India are a testimony to our glorious history and heritage such as Rajasthan. And the Eastern states are abundant in their natural scenic views and panoramas. If you want to try an offbeat, fun destination then you should visit Odisha. The state has something for every kind of tourist. From ancient architecture to fun sports activities, you can find whatever it is you are looking for. The ideal time to visit Odisha is in the months of December- March. Summer gets unbearable and hot so its better to avoid it. Flights, trains and buses are available to Bhubhaneshwar, the capital city from all major cities in India.

Chilika Lake photo
“Photo” by Nishanth Jois under CC BY 2.0

While there are several tourist destinations, we are going to tell you the most unique ones in Odisha. Like the Chilika Lake, the second largest coastal lagoon in the world!Migratory birds from all over the Indian sub continent come here. You will also find a massive number of rare species of birds and animals. It was also the first wetland to be declared of international importance in India. If you are lucky, you can spot the Irrawaddy dolphin here! The lake is one of the only two lagoons to be home to these dolphins. You can also view goose, heron, flamingos and pintails around the lake. It is a treat for nature enthusiasts and tourists. Once you have your fill of flora and fauna, the next stop on your Odisha list should be the Atri hot springs. We have mentioned some of India’s most popular and beautiful hot springs earlier. Atri is definitely on that list!

Located in Khurda, Atri is a small village. The village is known for perennial natural hot water springs. Hot water springs usually develop around cold areas and are associated with myths or Gods. There is a scientific reason but locals and tourists love hearing the stories behind the springs. Atri is no exception. Named after a legendary Vedic sage, Atri hot springs contain sulphur. The temperature of the spring can go up to 60 degrees Celsius. You should take a quick dip to soothe your nerves and enjoy the health benefits. A grand fair is held every year on Makar Sankranti to celebrate the Lord Hatakeshwar. Devotees visit the temple to pay their respects and take a dip in Atri springs. The springs are rumored to have medicinal properties. Atri is about 25 kilometers from Bhubhaneswar by road. You can take a taxi or bus to reach it.

“Featured Photo” of Parashurameshwar Temple by Varun Shiv Kapur under CC BY 2.0


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