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Athirappilly – Come Embrace The Beauty Of Nature

We all like to visit places where we can observe the beauty of nature. However, due to commercialization and modernization, there are very few places in India where we could actually witness the miracle of nature. Athirappilly is one particular place situated in Kerala where you could still observe the unfiltered nature. Here is everything you need to know about this amazing place

Athirappilly – Come Embrace The Beauty Of Nature

Admiring the nature..
Photo of ‘Admiring the nature..’ by sjoe under CC BY 2.0

About the place

Do you remember the movie Bahubali? In the movie, they have shown majestic waterfalls and marvellous sceneries. Athirappilly has this kind of experience to offer to you. In order to get to this place, you would need to travel to the district of Thrissur which is situated at a distance of around 80 kilometres from Kochi. There is something different about this place because it looks so beautiful that it doesn’t feel like you are on earth, it looks more like a paradise. This place is popularly known as Silent Valley and is truly one of its own kind.

How to reach here

Athirappilly is well connected by road, rail and air. If you are coming here via rail then you would need to book your tickets for either Thrissur railway station or Kochi railway station. From Kochi, Athrirappily is located at a distance of about 70 kilometres while from Thrissur it is 80 kilometres. The nearest railway station to this place is Chalakuddy railway station but it is not well connected with other major cities.
If you are coming here via airways then you would need to book your tickets for Cochin International airport, from the airport it is located at a distance of about 60 kilometres.

If you are coming here via road then you would find numerous state buses. I will personally advise you to come to Bangalore or Kochi, from here the buses generally take the SH-21 which would be an overnight journey. If you are taking the road and coming here with your personal vehicle then don’t travel during the night because you would need to cross the forest here and it is not considered to be safe at night.

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Best time to visit

Athirappilly is one of the rare places in India which manages to maintain its beauty throughout the year. However, since many waterfalls are located in the region it is advisable to visit this place during the monsoon season. The rain might act as a little problem in roaming around but this place looks the best during the rainy season and the flow of the waterfalls is also great during this time. The waterfalls are open to the public from 7 am in the morning to 5 pm in the evening. There are numerous activities which you can enjoy near these waterfalls like rafting, shopping, picnic or trekking.

Picture 495
Photo of ‘athirappilly’ by siraj thyagarajan under CC BY 2.0

Best places to visit

There are numerous places which you can think of visiting when you get to Athirappilly. Dreamworld and Silverstorm are 2 brilliant amusements park located here. These 2 amusements park is really unique and offers an amazing experience. Since this place is located in the Western Ghats the place is surrounded by a green belt which makes it look even more beautiful. The place houses numerous exotic animals and birds due to which Asian Nature Conservation Foundation has recommended this place to be declared a national park.

1. Vazhachal Waterfall

The first place which comes to my mind when I am talking about the best places to visit in Athirappilly is Vazhachal waterfall. It is located at a distance of about 10 kilometres from the town and the beauty of this place is unparallel. If you have been looking for a place to get a little stress relief then this is the place where you want to be. The flow of the waterfall is intense that it looks more like a river than a waterfall.

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2. Charpa Falls

The second place I would like to talk about is Charpa falls. You would be coming across this fall on your way to Vazachal falls. It is basically on the main road; you would need to park your car nearby to get a closer view. You will be getting an amazing view of the forests from this place. The waterfall is surrounded by hills on all 4 sides and has been very well maintained by the state government.

Athirappilly Falls
Photo of ‘Athirappilly Falls’ by pupilinblow under CC BY-ND 2.0

3. Chimmini Wildlife Sanctuary

If you are an animal lover then you would really fall in love with this place. In this sanctuary, you would notice a small café which serves tea, coffee and snack packets. One common complaint that you would hear about this place is that it needs development to become a full-fledged tourist spot. Fooding arrangements are available, however, you wouldn’t be finding toilets, hotels or parking facilities because of which many people do not prefer going to this place.

4. Thumboormuzhi Garden

This is one of the best places you can think of if you want to spend a little family time. This place is popular for the hanging bridge here. The bridge is extremely beautiful and one side of the bridge is covered with trees and greenery. If you are coming to this place make sure you carry additional clothes because you might feel like to take a dip in the water here.

5. Kodanad Elephant Traning Centre

The last place that I would list to mention in this list is the Kodanad Elephant training centre. If you ever had the wish to go to a place which is surrounded by greenery on all 4 sides with elephants playing walking around then you cannot afford to miss out on this place. Apart from the elephants, you would find a butterfly garden, a garden dedicated to children and a mini zoo which has numerous deer and sambar.

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If you want to come in close proximity with nature then Athirappilly is the best place which you can think of. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and leave for Athirappilly right now!

Featured Photo of ‘Athirappilly water falls’ by Thangaraj Kumaravel under CC BY 2.0



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