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Aswali Dam – A Popular Weekend Getaway In Bordi

The district of Palghar in Maharashtra is phenomenal in consisting of some of the interesting offbeat tourist destinations of India. Aswali Dam in Bordi is one of them attracting adventure seekers to engulf into its calmness and serenity. Located in an isolated place, it provides you a peaceful environment far from the busy city life. You can spend a relaxed weekend camping in the vicinity of the dam.

The dam has derived its name from the village of Aswali, situated adjacent to the dam. The distance of the Aswali Dam from the heart of Bordi is almost 15 km. The way towards the dam is bit rocky and rough, converting the journey to be quite adventurous.

A Unique Combination of Beauty and Simplicity

The dam has a beautiful lake at the backdrop of small green hills. The water flows calmly with a soothing sound to tranquilize your mind. Photographers will be tempted to capture the wonderful views of the lake and the panoramic landscape. The walk along the side of the dam is a treat to the eyes with the greenery around coupled with the shimmering waters of the lake. Small slopes in and around the path uplift the excitement of the journey. You can sit and relax at the lake side and immerse into the simplicity of Mother nature.

For a more adventurous experience, you can trek or hike up the hills nearby. The view of the dam from the top of the hills is amazing. The silence around creates a mysterious feeling within the human heart. The mystic beauty provides complete relief from the tensions and anxieties of regular life.

The best attraction of the dam is the gushing waters from the weir during the monsoons. The rains enhance the beauty of the place with the water flow increasing at its fullest. You can enjoy the experience of a majestic waterfalls in the midst of a tranquil environment.

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Things to do at the Aswali Dam

Aswali Dam is a small place but with a plethora of opportunities to spend a perfect weekend. There are options for camping near the dam and spend overnight amongst the pristine beauty of nature. Bonfires are arranged at the camps to entertain the campers. The food is cooked from the fresh farm harvest and is extremely delicious. You can spend an awesome night gazing at the stars. There are facilities for enjoying some sports activities at the camp like archery, rifle shooting etc.

Swimming and splashing in the waters are the best ways to spend your time at the lake and and near the weir of the dam. You can plunge into the waters and cool yourself. It is a thrilling experience to wade across the lake and to get drenched simultaneously with the gushing waters ascending from the top of the dam.

Many tourists have earmarked the place as a perfect spot for a picnic on weekends with family and friends. You can spend an entire day lazing at the banks of the dam or trekking up the hills. You will not only witness the simplicity of nature but can also engage yourself in several sports activities. Kids can enjoy playing at the green plains and the slopes. They can enjoy a dip into the waters and spend a fun-filled day.

How to reach Aswali Dam?

By Road

You can hire a can or ride your own vehice to reach the dam via the Mumbai Ahmedabad highway. Buses are also available from major cities to Bordi. From Bordi you can avail an auto rickshaw to reach the dam.

By Train

The nearest railway station is Bordi. From the station you can avail auto rickshaws to reach the dam.

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By Air

The nearest major airport is Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. The distance between Mumbai and Bordi is almost 157.4 km, travel time by a car being 3 hrs 27 min. Buses and cabs are available from the airport to reach Bordi.

Best time to visit Aswali Dam

Aswali Dam can be visited at any time of the year but the best time is during the monsoons. The light and moderate rainfall transform the place into a divine and heavenly landscape. The lush green scenery around looks amazing. The beauty is especially uplifted by the overflowing waters of the dam. The freshness in the atmosphere refreshes the mind and soul.

Traveller’s Tips

There are few things you must remember before planning for a trip to Aswali Dam

  • Carry food packets and water bottles as there are scarcity of shops near the dam
  • If you are opting for overnight stay at the jungle camps then contact camp operators near the area
  • Parking facilities are available near the Aswali village for parking your vehicle
  • Have adequate provisions for seating on the ground if you have plans for picnic
  • Carry sunglasses and hats to prevent the heat especially during the summers
  • Carry wind cheaters if you are visiting the place during the monsoons
  • Swimming attires are a must if you love swimming since you will be tempted to plunge in the lake
  • Carry mosquito repellant creams if you have plans for hiking or trekking in the jungles and the hills
  • Wear proper shoes for trekking and hiking
  • Wear full sleeve trousers and comfortable light clothes

Aswali Dam has gained popularity among many tourists dwelling in the adjacent cities. It is now a well known choice as a picnic spot. The wonderful combo of nature and adventure has further increased its prominence.

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Featured Photo of ‘Full to the Brim’ by Yogendra Joshi under CC BY 2.0


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