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Ashtabhuja Temple, Mirzapur’s Most Popular Religious Spot

Whether it’s the ‘luminous city’ or the ‘city of light’, there’s no denying the spiritual prominence of Kashi and Varanasi. However, come what may you do, there’s no denying the significance of other spiritual places in India. After all, religious places are prominent among the ones who worship God. And the significance doesn’t matter, when you have certain beliefs towards some idol of God. Hence, people who visit the Vidhyanchal Mandir, often make an attempt of paying a visit to the Ashtabhuja Temple. The name of the temple might not be that much prominent among its fans, but it holds sheer significance, owing to the beliefs of the local people out there.

Photo of ‘3W6A5463’ by Véronique Mergaux under CC BY-SA 2.0

Spiritual Significance of Ashtabhuja Temple

Ashtabhuja meaning in English is a God who has a total of eight hands. However do you worship the Mother Goddess, all the attires (rups) are just one! So, there’s, as such, no introduction to the idol of the temple. But yes, if you want to know about the picturesque beauty of the place, there are different aspects of the place.

Being one of a venerated spots of worship, this temple is located at the separation of about 3 km away from Vindhyavasini Devi Tem. The spot is arranged in a peaceful slope of Vindhya. It is another focal point and for all true blue reasons. It’s a sacred place which happens to be related to the legend. According to the sayings, the Goddess was conceived from Yashodha’s womb.

The Mythology behind this Temple

The Ashtabhuja meaning, as discussed above is the one that has eight hands. But here, the mythological story is something different. The eighth offspring of Devaki, this Goddess presents herself in front of Kans and plans who planned to slaughter her. In any case, where evil spirits try to destroy Shakti, she comes free every time. In this case, too, nothing exceptional happened! She warned Kans and soon after, settled at this spot of Vindhya slopes. According to mythologies, God is the creator of man. And if it is said that man, too, is the creator of God, it wouldn’t be something wrong. With devotees, God is nothing but just a mud doll! To give life to the idol, many devotees worshipped her here. Hence, the temple got more prominent over time!

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The lovely temple is situated at Vindhya Mountain’s top. The surrounding is also peaceful and you will be able to get a good view of the River Ganga. As per traditional beliefs, it is said that the Devi, safely termed as Ashtabhuja Devi is worshipped with Kali Khoh temple which is dedicated to Goddess Kali right from the Yatra of Trikon Parikrama.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit vindhyachal is during the time of winters. You can even pay a visit to the temple during the time of spring.

How to Reach?

If you want to know the routes to reach the temple, you can get buses from Mirzapur. Alternatively, you can also get taxis or trains from the place in order to pay a visit to the temple.

Now that you know everything related to the Ashtabhuja Temple, paying a visit to this temple wouldn’t be a bad idea!

Featured Photo of ‘3W6A5397’ by Véronique Mergaux under CC BY-SA 2.0

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