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Aruvikkara Dam – A Splendid Picnic Spot In Kerala

Tourists visiting Kerala seldom miss out to visit the beautiful beach of Kovalam. Situated on the banks of the River Karamana, it is slowly gaining prominence as a preferred weekend getaway for the locals as well as the tourists visiting Kerala. The dam was essentially constructed to provide water for irrigation and farming to the adjacent villages. 

The dam is currently the main reservoir of Thiruvananthapuram providing water for various purposes. It is an incredible experience to walk along the sides of the dam, enjoying the sparkling waters and the tranquility of the place. People also prefer a drive from the capital city to the dam to spend a day in the vicinity of the beautiful views of the dam.

The Main Attractions of the Aruvikkara Dam

The key attraction of the Dam is the sunrise and sunset. The golden rays of the sun reflecting on the sparkling waters of the dam spread a delightful aura in the adjoining environment. It is amazing to gaze at the shimmering clear waters, a perfect photogenic situation to witness at the place. You can sit and relax or go for a casual walk around the dam during the dawn and the dusk to enjoy the beautiful view of the rising and setting sun.

For the religious minded and the architecture lovers, you must visit the Bhagavathi Temple. The temple is built to worship Goddess Durga. It is frequented by the locals to offer their prayers to the powerful Goddess and seek their blessings. The architecture of the temple is simple and well maintained by the Archaeological Department. Built on the top of a rock, the ancient temple is considered holy and divine. 

Near the Aruvikkara dam, there is an artificial waterfall that further enhances the beauty of the place. The sprinkling waters of the fall creating a melodious sound is a treat to the eyes and ears. It is a perfect spot for a selfie with family and friends. 

You can go for a walk along the calm Aruvikkara village nearby. It is a lovely experience to observe the small huts and the simplicity of the villagers. The purity in the air is refreshing, creating a soothing effect on the mind and the soul. 

Things to do at Aruvikkara Dam

Unwind yourself into the panoramic view of the landscape to rejuvenate your mind and soul. You can go for boating along the waters to enjoy nature’s stupendous beauty. For swimmers, it is an ideal place to dip into the cool and calm waters of the dam. The lush greenery around is a photographer’s delight. The soothing breeze in the air and the chirping sound of the birds cast a magical spell around. You can immerse yourself into the ethereal charm of the place for relief from the busy city life.

Another important activity tourists love to do at the dam is feeding the fishes. The fish come above at the surface of the water to gulp the food. The devotees arriving at the Bhagavathi temple treat it customary to feed the fishes and consider it a sign of honesty and good work. You can find many tourists also joining the devotees in feeding the fishes.

You can also visit a zoo and a sanctuary preserving crocodiles nearby if you are interested in wild life. Both places are well protected and maintained. Kids would especially love being at the zoo and watch their favourite animals and birds. The other places to visit nearby are an Ayurveda ashram and temples of Sree Padmanabhasvamy and Ganapathy. 

There are various options for food and beverages in the nearby food stalls and restaurants offering local dishes as well as delicacies from different Indian cuisines. You can savour your tongue and quench your desire from the eateries. For shopping lovers, the place will not leave you disappointed with the number of shops selling souvenirs and other gift items for your near and dear ones.

Best time to visit Aruvikkara Dam

The best time to visit Aruvikkara Dam is during the monsoons starting from September till March. The dam overflows with river waters filling the air with its gushing sound. It is a glorious experience to watch the dam during the rainy season accompanied by the sparkling greenery around drenched with the rains. The weather is also comfortable and pleasant with the balmy entertaining breeze prevailing in the atmosphere. You can enjoy swimming happily amid the flowing waters.

How to reach Aruvikkara Dam?

The nearest airport and railway station are located at Thiruvananthapuram, situated at a distance of 23 km and 16 km respectively from the dam. You can hire a cab or auto-rickshaws available from both the airport and the railway station to reach the dam. Buses are also available in abundance from the East Fort bus stand. If you want to travel from any other parts of the state then you can hire a cab, ride your vehicle or board public and privates buses to reach the dam.

Traveler’s Tips while planning for a visit to the Dam

  • It is advisable to visit the Aruvikkara Dam during the weekdays since weekends are crowded with picnic goers and locals visiting the temple
  • Wear light cotton clothes as the weather in Kerala is not chilling
  • Wear comfortable walking shoes as a walk along the dam is the best way to enjoy the place
  • Carry water bottles or buy from the nearby shops to keep yourself hydrated
  • Do not forget to carry your swimming attire and accessories as you must not miss out dipping in the calm cool waters
  • Carry an extra set of clothes for change after swimming

Aruvikkara Dam is one of the unexplored places in Kerala and an offbeat location to enjoy nature’s beauty and calmness. The prominent Wellington Water Distribution project has its headquarters at the dam premises. if you want to stay overnight near the dam, you can try the guest houses run by the Kerala government authorities. The dam is an excellent place to spend your vacation within the pristine beauty of Mother Nature. 

Featured Photo of ‘Aruvikkara Dam’ by Jyothish Kumar P.G under CC BY-SA 2.0


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