Aquatica, Kolkata – Best Water Theme Park In Eastern India

Aquatica at SeaWorld San Antonio
Photo of ‘Aquatica at SeaWorld San Antonio’ by Colleen Pence under CC BY 2.0

Aquatica, in Kolkata, is the best water theme park and resort in Eastern India. Spread over an area of 75000  square feet of land, the park is owned and operated by Vishal Water World Private Limited. The park offers a combination of Adventure and Lazy water ride, an Aqua Dance Floor and venue for several events, exhibitions and entertainment programs.

The park is opened Monday to Sunday from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM. The nearest airport is Kolkata Netaji Subhas Chandra International Airport. There are several private and public buses which ply between the city and the park. You can also hire a cab or ride in your own car to reach the park, located at a distance of 15 km from Central Kolkata

Aquatica, Kolkata – All You Want To Know

The Rides

The park hosts several intensifying and exhilarating water rides to entertain the visitors the entire day. People of all ages and genders are allured by the adrenaline pump rides and grandeur of the park.

The Spectacular Water Rides

The adventure enthusiasts can quench their heart’s desire riding the Black hole. The ride will glide you down through multiple twists, turns and tunnels and plunge you at a fast speed into a pool of water. The thrilling experience is doubled with the raft slide with its unique pattern of varied tunnels, glides, twists and turns. Seated on rubber rafts the riders glide down the slides through several loops and curves and then plunge into a water pool.

Have you ever imagined being swirled inside a towering tornado? If not then do not forget to experience the Cyclone, a super thrilling ride starting from a height of 40 feet from the ground. It swishes along a tunnel pulling the rides inside a funnel-like tornado at an electrifying speed. The riders are then splashed into a shallow calm water pool.

Most of us have seen pendulums in the old vintage clocks. But have we ever thought of being oscillated like a pendulum in real life? The Pendulum ride in the park offers the unique experience of being swayed to and fro like a pendulum along a V-shaped water slide. Operating at an exhilarating speed the slide starts with a vertical free-fall drop from a height of 40 feet. The tilting at an angle of 75 degrees it ends up gradually into a horizontal water lane.

Last but not the least is the Jungle Safari. It is a spectacular water ride that transmits you into the wild forests through its magnificent display of animal replicas. The ride has numerous twists and turns to glide along and a water pool to splash around.

Enjoy and Relax at the Cool Water Rides

If you want to avoid the electrifying rides and laze around in the park, you can ride on the lazy river. The artificial river with its blue mirrored waters offers a serene and tranquil experience as the riders glide along smoothly aboard rubber tubes or rafts. There are also multiple water lanes, running adjacent to each other, along which the riders can glide up and down from a height of 40 feet to land down gradually into a water pool.

One of the key attractions of the park is the Wave Pool, largest in Eastern India. The pool provides a replica of the sea waters with the flowing waves, enticing the visitors to swim and sway across the huge aqua pool.

The Kiddie Rides

The park welcomes families of all age groups and genders with kids and toddlers. It has created a specific are, the Family Pool, where the entire family can enjoy various water rides centered in a surrounded area. The area comprises of fountains, slow water rides, and shallow pools, alluring the adults to laze out and relax. The kids and the toddlers can splash, jump and glide through mini water rides and wet world of wonder.

Experience the Majestic Niagara Falls

Who in the world doesn’t want to experience the beauty of the majestic Niagara Falls, one of the seven wonders? The looming waters of the Falls mesmerize the heart and mind with its enigmatic beauty. Aquatica offers a replica of the Niagara Falls enticing the visitors to drench themselves in delight. The replica has a capacity to accommodate 400 people splashing water from a height of 40 feet at the backdrop of a rocky mountain wall.

Ending up with Aqua Dance Floor

You can end up your day at the park at the Aqua Dance Floor. The rain dance floor will drive you wild and crazy with the thumping music beats, illuminating lights, and the drizzling rain showers.

Other Attractions

The park also hosts several banquet halls, the largest among them being the Aqua Lawn spreading across an area of approximately 30,0000 square feet. There are two more lawns, the Central Lawn decorated magnificently with lakes and gardens and the Niagara Lawn decorated with waterfalls. The conference halls and the Aqua Hall are booked almost all the year round for seminars, conferences, exhibitions, corporate meetings, product launches, training sessions and many more.

Besides the park, there is a luxurious resort with comfortable rooms to stay and enjoy the park view. A restaurant is also present inside the park premises serving both local and international cuisines.

Aquatica water park with its modern amenities serves as the perfect weekend getaway and picnic spot for the locals as well as the tourists from different parts of India and international visitors.

Featured Photo of ‘Aquatica at SeaWorld San Antonio’ by Colleen Pence under CC BY 2.0

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