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We all know that Goa is famous for fun and beaches. Anjuna beach is one such popular beach in Goa. It allures the tourists with its beautiful sunset, sunrise, sumptuous food, minimal crowd, culture, and music.

Anjuna Beach

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Where is It located?

Anjuna beach is about 18 km from Panaji, situated in Bardez Taluka. This small seaside village in North Goa is on the Arabian Sea shores. Stunning beauty, palm trees, and soft, powdery white sand are famous here.

Anjuna beach was a favorite spot of hippies who used to organize many rave beach parties. Hippies started to visit the beach in the late 1950s and mid-1960s. Since then the beach was filled with parties, music. This beach is considered to be ideal for conducting full-moon parties, especially during Christmas & New Year nights. Tourists usually enjoy the heavenly atmosphere in the luminous moonlight along with the cool foamy waves touching their feet.

Stop & Shop

Famous flea market occupied the north of Anjuna. Every Wednesday the local residents and tourists visit the flea market. The market sells various quality products at reasonable costs. People can enjoy in small cafes, bars. Tourists will definitely have a pleasurable shopping experience.

The shopping lovers may spend their time at Ingos Saturday Night Market. Many foreigners sell their products here. The didgeridoo players sell didgeridoos, Tibetan sell their stuff and food etc,

The most serene southern end of the beach is generally safe for swimming. Besides, the tourists can go for a thrilling Bungee jumping, paragliding, and windsurfing.

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Interesting Activities To Do In Anjuna Beach

The 2 km stretched Anjuna beach is the place for water and yogic activities.

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Reiki, Yoga and Ayurvedic massages are mostly liked by the foreigners and Indian tourists. The two popular names for these practices are Oceanic and Brahamani.

Though it is a place for water activities, there are only a few water sports carried out. Jet skiing and Paragliding are the most favorite activities in Anjuna Beach.

Eating, drinking, and meri-making are lovable activities. So, a crowd will always be here. The tourists enjoy at Cafe Diogo, Casa Anjuna, and Banyan Soul. Sea Bar is the best choice for nightlife lovers.

There are many small rocks on the seaside of Anjuna. Tourists who stay in the hotels have a walk up and sit on the rocks, enjoy every sip of tea/coffee. Photo fanatics do many clicks here.

Anjuna’s Nearby attractions

Temples: Sri Ram Mandir, Bhumika temple, Kutteshwar temple, Mahadev temple are the famous temples here. St. Anthony’s Church is a popular church where hundreds of people visit for prayer every Sunday.

Baga Beach: It lies between Calangute beach and Anjuna. This small serene beach is well known for parasailing, dolphin cruises, and banana rides.

Calangute Beach: This is another fantastic beach to enjoy water sports, small walks which is just 9 km from Anjuna.

Nyex Beach Club: Most of the tourists enjoy their yummy lunch and dinner here. People enjoy every moment here with a great nightlife and multi-level dance floors.

Chapora Fort and the “Albuquerque Mansion” are the nearby highlights of this beach.

Best time to visit Anjuna Beach:

It is better to avoid visiting during the Christmas and New Year because the tourists from all over the world come here to celebrate colorful beach parties. Tourists can peacefully enjoy the place from early November to March.

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Where to stay?

Many guesthouses are around the Anjuna village. The rental houses are available for a long stay say two months. There are a couple of hotels and resorts who arrange tours for Goa sight-seeing. However, prior booking is must to avoid an eleventh-hour rush.


Anjuna Beach Goa – A Place For Peace And Play

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