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Hilly areas captivate the eyes and minds of the tourists and they are being the dwelling zones for many animals and birds. Anaimalai Hills (Elephants hills) is a chain of mountains in Southern India, close the Pollachi, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. Anaimalai located at 56 kms distance from Pollachi. It is a fantastic hill station lies between Tamilnadu and Kerala border. The height of the hill is 265 meters from the marine level. The fertile green hills, fauna, and flora attract thousands of tourists every year. It is a favorite tourist spot for many people, especially in summer.

Wild animals & Trekking

“Anamalai Wildlife Sanctuary” is located in Anaimalai and the sanctuary spreads over 600 square miles in the forest. Elephants, crocodiles, Tigers, Deers’ are often visible in Anaimalai. A rare collection of birds, their chirping sounds never allow the tourists to move out of the place. Tourists who have interest in trekking, then Anaimalai is the best spot for it. The starters can go ahead with simple treks in Pandaravara with an 8 km trek and Kozhikamuthu with a 12 km trek. Perunkundru trekking is the most difficult trekking which is 32 kms. To initiate trekking, the tourists need to get the permission for the Range authorities at Top Slip. Tea, coffee plantations, teak forests are abundant in the Anamalai landscape.

Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, Eravikulam National Park, Indira Gandhi Wildlife Sanctuary and National Park, Chinnar Wildlife Sanctuary are the attractive tourist spot in Anaimalai. The place itself has a huge number of elephants. The hills are being a part of the Western Ghats ranges. Anamudi which is about 8842 feet, the highest peak in India. If anyone goes further down from Anaimalai, they can see this hill place.

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The top attractions in Anamalai:

Top Slip

Top slip is the Tiger Reserve forest. It contains a tiny park and the medicinal plant conservative sites. Top slip is located at 37 km from Pollachi. This picnic spot catches up with safari trips, bird watching. The Forest department operates the safari trips from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm. The trip lasts for ninety minutes and Rs.40/- is levied as the charge for the trip from each individual. The sanctuary officials strictly not allow Private vehicles for the Safaris. One can go for a trek for maximum 4-hours with an officially appointed guide. The safari trip charge is Rs.70/- per head. Park’s reception centre does the Safari Trip bookings. From November to April is the best time to visit Top Slip.

The Indira Gandhi National Park and Sanctuary

The Indira Gandhi National Park and Sanctuary is formerly known as the Anaimalai Wildlife Sanctuary. This ecological paradise sprawls in the vicinity of 958 sq.kms. This wildlife sanctuary comprises a National Park too. In 1974, this place was declared as a Sanctuary. In April 2008, the Sanctuary was notified as a Tiger Reserve. Anaikunthi Shola, waterfalls, dams, teak forests, and Reservoirs are the other attractions here. Jeep rides & Elephant safaris are organized by the Forest Department. The sanctuary is open from 6.30 am to 6.30 pm. December to February is the perfect time to visit the sanctuary.

Varagaliar Elephant Camp

Varagaliar Elephant Camp exhibits the relationship and attachment between man and animal. This is located in a remote area and lies to the right of the main Anaimalai forest. The camp contains a total of 21 domestic elephants. They are not for tourists riding purpose. Travelers should get permission from the Deputy Conservator of Forests Pollachi to visit the Elephant camp.

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Kolikamuthi Elephant Camp

In the Kolikamuthi Elephant Camp, the tamers train the elephants and house in different ways. Malisar tribal train the elephants. They have a special skill set to work with the gigantic animals. The Indira Gandhi wildlife sanctuary gives the permission to tourists to visit the place.

Thoonakkadavu, Parambikulam Tiger Sanctuary, Mt Stuart Block are the other must see places in Anaimalai.

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