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An Overwhelming Tour To The Popular Mysuru Railway Museum

The year 1979 had witnessed the establishment of the Mysuru Railway Museum. Little did the Indian railways know that they were to add another historical tourist spots for the recent world’s travel enthusiasts who have an interest in the country’s vintage locomotive belongings! Boasting of a diversifying collection of items and photographs depicting different stages of Indian Railway’s development, it features a captivating locomotive exhibits. While most of the museum’s exhibits were kept in the Mysore Palace previously, it later on shifted to the present place. To know more about Railway Museum in Mysuru, keep reading on.

So what do you know of the exhibits in present world’s Mysuru Railway Museum?

Calling it a historical railway museum in India is nowhere an overstatement. After all, singing high praises of its vintage locomotives, it houses some superb-amazing attractions inside. A significant mention sheds lights upon the captivating beauty that one can view inside Chamundi Gallery. An extensively beautiful range of paintings and photographs of railways and its development are the elements that make the place a prominent attraction.

Another prerequisite spot to visit is the Ranga Pavilion. It features a set of two royal coaches on its display. If you’ve had a look at them you know why these previous belonged to the royal Maharaja of Mysore. It has the right elements to be defined as grandeur and luxury.

‘Why only Maharaja and why not Maharanis?’ This might strike your mind, and things become more exploring because you’re going to have a good sight of the saloon carriage of the Maharani. The coach dating back to 1899 comes equipped with a kitchen, royal toilet, and even a dining car unit.

An Overwhelming Tour to the Popular Mysuru Railway Museum
Photo of ‘DSC00597 – Steam locomotive B&Sc 54 Waddon’ by Dennis Jarvis under CC BY-SA 2.0

What may surprise you is there are more such amazing attractions. Another one that deserves a definite mention here is the legendary, vintage, classy Austin Railway car! Calling it something that deserves applause is no sheer exaggeration. After all, this Austin model of 1925 was initially designed for roads. But later on, its features proved it well as a railcar, thanks to whoever converted it into such an amazing beast.

What’s more is that it is believed that this railcar was repossessed by the railway employee from a scrap dealer. The employee then restored this vehicle by adding some changes to it. He removed steering wheels, and then fixed the rail wheel into it. As far as Railway museum Mysore information is concerned, the vintage car got converted into a railway with capacity of 6 people to sit inside. It later on was used by officials for the inspection on the tracks. A surprise yet unique element that would awe you is some of the locomotives are still now in moderate working conditions.

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A Couple of More Intriguing Exhibits

According to Railway museum Mysore information, this Railway Museum in Mysuru also features the first and foremost steam engine that was to be designed in the land of India with signals. The displayed engine looks so beautiful to locomotive-lovers’ eyes. Rare exhibits that this museum houses are sure to give you Goosebumps to think about the bygone eras. A couple of them include doors, pillars, Old Srirangapatna station’s belongings and even the wired fence used before.

It wouldn’t be a sheer overstatement if we say that this particular museum also gives you a fair idea of how the steam water pumps of the bygone days looked that dates back to 1934! You’d also get to see the 1885 hand-operating crane here. Lights, ticketing machine, tickets, clocks, monochrome photographs, signal signs, and so much more! You get to have a close look at the aforementioned belongings that represent amazing and versatile development phases of the prior Indian railway department.

Referring to it as a historical railway museum in India is nowhere an exaggeration. You also get to have a close look at the mini toy-train that operates on the battery, taking its visitors for rides around the museum’s ground. The train is fan-favorite among the little kids, for all its obvious reasons! Now that the ins and outs for enjoying inside this museum are known to you, why not plan for touring around here?

Featured Photo of ‘DSC00588 – Engine 9 and Turntable’ by Dennis Jarvis under CC BY-SA 2.0

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