An Inclusive Guide To Everything About Chauli Ki Jali

250 meters away from the Mukteshwar temple, there’s a cliff behind. Visitors make sure that whenever they are in Mukteshwar, they are aboard here. If you are someone who has already visited the spot, you know which tourist spot is getting highlighted in this guide. Yes, you are right; it is none other than Chauli Ki Jali. Tourists who aim at visiting this spot, for them, here goes this travel post.

An overview of Chauli ki Jali in Mukteshwar

Ever wondered why a cliff behind the Mukteshwar temple can be named in such a way? Well, this cliff is a bit different from what you can expect from other tourist spots featuring a cliff. As a matter of fact, Chauli Ki Jali is referred to as Chauli (rock) and Jali (hole).

An Inclusive Guide to Everything about Chauli Ki Jali
Photo of ‘Himalayas from near Mukteshwar’ by Mike Prince under CC BY 2.0

Why should you visit the spot?

Now comes the most important part of this travel post. Why would anyone want to visit this spot? The reason is simple, it happens to be a true paradise for the adventure seekers as well as nature lovers. People visit here to have an adrenaline gush when climbing the rock! Another reason why someone would love traveling to the spot is basically because of sightseeing. You can even have a mesmerizing glimpse of the ranges of Himalaya alongside Kumaon Valley from its edge. As a matter of fact, Chauli ki Jali height is about 2,171 m and getting around here is amazing.

You get to explore interesting rock formations by having an encounter with the massive Chauli ki Jali height. Upon your visit, you can have a look at the distinctive rock that comes with a circular hole. It is indeed an interesting formation here. Visiting here just means that you would be able to find peace in soothing atmosphere around.

Its religious prominence

Hindu mythology has it that the demons and goddess had a really fierce battle at the spot. The place also houses an elephant’s trunk, identified sword outlines, as well as a shield. These are the evidence for serving the testament of battles. As far as other beliefs, if a woman (barren) crosses the cliff’s hole, she will be blessed to carry a child inn her womb.

According to another mythological story, one Lord Shiva group of devotees was traveling to Kailash. At the dangerous climbing point, the groups prayed to their lord for help. Lord Shiva blessed and asked the leader to hit this rock for four times. After the guru did the same, a hole suddenly appeared.

Best Time to Visit

Chauli Ki Jali weather is pleasant all throughout the year. Since it has a comfortable climate all the year round, you can visit anytime you want. However, most of the visitors try to pay a visit here during the months of March to June. This is the peak season to visit here where the Chauli Ki Jali weather in the hill station is pleasant for a visit.

An Inclusive Guide to Everything about Chauli Ki Jali
Photo of ‘View of Dhanachulli’ by Sanjoy Ghosh under CC BY 2.0

How to reach?

If you want to pay a visit to this tourist spot, you need to be familiar with the travel option to visit here. The fact is that Chauli Ki Jali in Mukteshwar is situated in Mukteshwar and happens to be an amazing cliff from Mukteshwar’s main market and behind the ancient Mukteshwar temple.

The best thing you can do is visit the spot by road from Haldwani from where Mukteshwar is 72 km away. For fliers, you have to get down at the Bagdogra Airport. While the nearest railway station is Haldwani, transportation options are more convenient from Haldwani.

Now that you know why visiting this tourist spot would be an enthralling experience, here’s wishing you bon voyage.

Featured Photo of ‘The valley’ by Sanjoy Ghosh under CC BY 2.0

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