An Enthralling Journey To The Raghupur Fort Near Shoja

There’s always a special thing about journeys that makes the destination worth showcasing in your travel memory lane. A sheer example of an enthralling journey would en route to Raghupur Fort.

Everyone knows that mountains hold special position in a travel nerdo’s heart. And if you ever wish to visit Tirthan Valley, Shoja should never be considered unworthy. That’s where the nature’s lap brings forth the spooky and dense view of forests. It sings to you the chirping of birds and buzzing of the bees. A trekking enthusiast finds deeper reasons to cherish the moments in Shoja because it paves the path of nirvana besides bringing you right amidst the nature’s charismatic attire.

Saryolsar Lake: From where your journey starts

If your whims find the notion of trekking evergreen, it’s worth stepping outside of your comfort zone and try out the easy to moderate trekking in the region. Let’s remind you that Shoja’s surrounding areas are a part of the great Himalayan national park. And a day trek from the hamlet will take you to Serolser Lake first.

Folklores say that this lake remains clean forever and for always. Thanks to the legendary beliefs that locals have here. It is said that the birds clean the lake and lave it pristine and tranquil all throughout. The lake is home to the Budhi Nagin temple where the deity lives ever since ages.

This lake holds special position in the hearts of the locals because of the mythological evidence. You might enjoy the lovely chilly daylight here. Perhaps, you can also try out camping for a day here. Lose yourself in the midst of the nature and find mouthwatering peace in your delicious and best ‘Meri Maggi’ version.

After having a good time near the lake, you can possibly find the ultimate peace of reaching the final destination here – Raghupur Fort.

A Visit to Raghupur Fort

A great add-on to the Saryolsar Lake is the hike to Raghupur Fort. It offers around 360 degree valley glimpses stretching until the Dhauladhar ranges. The Fort is also claimed to be known as the Raghupur Garh which is approx. 3 km trek away from the Jalori Pass. Sadly, many of the parts of this fort has been ruined, only some walls stand still. However, the trail of the Raghupur Fort passes via forests surrounding the mountains.

After you reach the beautiful meadows where this fort nestles in, you get to witness some unbelievable glimpses of nature. Remember, this post has earlier talked about the charismatic attire of the nature? You get it here, friend! And trust the fact that, you would not be able to blink your eyes (not even for ones).

You might have questions regarding the origin of the fort? However, let’s tell you that when the fort got constructed is still a mystery. You can anyway tune into the nature’s beauty here. Camping is another option that helps you discover solace in the midst of nature’s chaos. To have a great experience inside the tents, you can start planning for the trip. Here’s wishing you good luck.


Before you start planning for the trip, let’s remind you the importance of proper trekking gear. Not to forget, you should always carry a pair of comfortable trekking shoes that will protect you from slippery area. Do not forget to carry your water bottle with you. That’s it. With these things kept in mind, your trekking journey to Raghupur Fort would turn out to be enthralling.

Featured Photo of ‘The Ruins of Raghupur Garh’ by Nathan Pratyksh Khanna under CC BY-SA 3.0

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