An Enchanting Visit To Happy Valley In Mussoorie

Nature, photography, history, shopping – these are what describes a visit to Happy Valley in Mussoorie! Back in the 20th century when technology just initiated governing people’s lives, Mussoorie kept its splendor alive even after alluring all the comforts of newer technologies.

May be that’s why, even in this 21st century, Mussoorie is referred to as a hill station marked by deep senses of tranquility. A part of the picturesque destination is occupied by a valley happily! The Happy Valley, as the name suggests, is where you can visit! Here, the frolic, fun, and laughter predominate, echoing above this tiny valley! This is the guide where you would get an idea of the things to do in happy valley Mussoorie before visiting the spot.

An Overview of Happy Valley in Mussoorie

If you ever have had checked the Happy Valley Mussoorie images, you already know how picturesque the spot looks! You probably have an idea about the Tibetan Monastery that it houses! The monastery was established in the year 1959 when fourteenth Dalai Lama took the refuge! Ever since then, the valley houses apparently 5000 refugees! Calling it one of the beautiful sightseeing places to visit in Mussoorie wouldn’t be an understatement because of a number of reasons.

An Enchanting Visit to Happy Valley in Mussoorie – What to Expect?
Photo of ‘The Blue Hills’ by Jim Roberts Gallery under CC BY-ND 2.0

Main Attractions in the Valley

Wondering what are the things to do in Happy Valley Mussoorie? This valley has been here ever since Tibetan government (in exile) went to Dharamshala while Lama left behind a community here. The community has been spreading and prospering Buddha’s teachings. Two more prominent spots that the valley houses are Tibetan Home Foundation & Buddhist Temple! It is said that these two spots are legacy of Tibetan culture that India has received!

Tibetan refugees who come to India always receive heartwarming welcome from the Government. As per reports, in the year 1960, Indian Government opened central School for them in the valley! The father of Hindi literature for traveling, Mahapandit Sankrityayan also stayed in the valley for some years with his family!

It would not be an exaggeration to call this valley one of the most fan-favorite places to visit in Mussoorie. People who love visiting temples and encountering the amazing architectures there can pay a visit to Shedup Choephelling Temple which is located at the highest point. It was one of the most initial Tibetan Shrines designed by Dalai Lama in India.

The temple is a significant holy spot housing prayer wheels alongside beautiful Buddha idols. What more can you wish for when you have a medication hall? Plus, the temple also houses paintings on walls and panels on ceilings. It offers a view of circuit of Benog Hill, Hathipao, as well as Dalai Hills!

When to visit?

December 10 is the time when the valley’s residents gather together for commemorating the Nobel Peace Prize’s acceptance of Dalai Lama. It is their annual celebration! So, you can plan your trip during that time! Otherwise, you can explore this peaceful valley all year round!

How to reach?

Happy Valley in Mussoorie is 2.5 km away from Mussoorie’s Library bust stop. You can hire a cab or local taxi to reach the spot. You can even travel by rickshaw there! Nevertheless, in case the weather is salubrious and calm, a walk to the spot would be amazing to explore the beautiful scenery around you.

Being a paradise, Mussoorie is home to many such amazing places like Happy Valley! If you’re planning to book your tickets for Mussoorie, don’t forget to check the Happy Valley Mussoorie images before you visit here. No wonder, the photos would be enough to make you fall in love with this nature’s delight!

Featured Photo of ‘Misty morning’ by Steve @ the alligator farm under CC BY-SA 2.0

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