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A Visit To Nerul Balaji Temple – Things To Know

He is said to be the quintessential yogi with perfect masteries over senses, in a world where yoga has abilities to control your mind. He, who is also believed to have achieved a self-controlled and disciplined lifestyle with utter selfless devotion for his lord, is none other than Lord Hanumana. Since childhood, you’ve already heard about the devotee of Lord Rama, and how chanting Hanuman Chalisa everyday can help you live a well-disciplined lifestyle! If you believe in all the aforementioned things and regard Hanumana as your Lord, a visit to Nerul Balaji Temple is surely your thing. So, here goes this travel guide!

An Introduction to Nerul Balaji Temple

Being almost (not identical, though) a replica of Tirupati Balaji temple, the Nerul Balaji Temple in Navi Mumbai was constructed as per Shilpa Shastra! It also replicates some major aspects of Venkateswara temple!

In georgraphial terms, this particular temple is located on the small hill which is at proximity to Nerul railway station’s western part. Shri Balaji or Lord Hanumana is the primary deity here, although it houses other temples too!

Once you’re in, you will witness so many other temples dedicated to other deities!  In fact, other than Padmavati Temple and Ganapati Temple, the place also houses temples of Lord Rama, Lakshmana, Sita, Rukmini, and Krishna! Popular idols here are Utsava idols which are saved for important festivities!

A Visit to Nerul Balaji Temple – What Should You Know before Visiting?
Photo of ‘Balaji temple at Satara’ by shankar s. under CC BY 2.0

What’s the timing?

If you are here to know about Balaji Temple Nerul timing, it varies! During Sunday, Saturday, and Friday, the temple is opened from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. On the other hand, the Balaji Temple Nerul timing for other days is from 6 a.m. to 11 a.m. in the morning and 4:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. ion the evening! You don’t have to spend a dime on entering the complex. While entry is free, you have to pay some money while offering your prayers to the idols. But keep in mind, any sort of videography or photography is strictly prohibited!

A little about its architecture

The temple’s architecture is, no doubt, astounding. Upon your entry, you would see two structures that are pillar-like the Baali Peetham and Dhwaja Stambha. Tiru Mamani Mandapam is right next to Stambha. Granite forms and cement forms the Mandapam, thereby portraying the modern elements and style of architecture!

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The temple also comes with Garbha Griham which is right behind Ardha Mandapam. Apart from Garbha Griham, Bhoga Srinivasa is situated here. It is a small idol (silver). The deity is known as Kautuka Bera. The temple also surrounds Rajagopuram which 60 feet high.

Best time to visit

The perfect time to pay a visit to this spot is during the time of winter. You can also visit anywhere between the months of November and late April. As it is in Maharashtra, the weather is warm and highly humid.

How to reach Nerul Balaji Temple?

The connecting routes to this temple from Mumbai are accessible through Andheri. You can reach the temple by railways or roadways. There are buses that frequently operate from Andheri to this temple. The train station which is closest to this temple is the Nerul station.

Despite being a replica of Tirupati Balaji temple, it has its own share of visitors who pay a visit during the festival seasons. Balaji temple in Navi Mumbai is one such place that is sure to give you a great spiritual experience! Plus, its architecture is also another thing why people visit here.

Featured Photo of ‘Lord Venkateshwara’s Temple’ by Chandrashekhar Basumatary under CC BY 2.0

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