A Trip To Solang Valley Promises You An Adrenaline Burst

Situated 13 kilometers away from Manali, there’s a valley between Solang and Beas Kund. Solang Valley, it is! To call it an adventurous aficionado’s paradise is not something surprising. After all, it’s not considered as a next-door skiing hub, but the place offers something unexpectedly beautiful and dashing! Here’s what you can know before a voyage to this valley in Manali.

En route to Solang Valley – What to Expect

With adventurous Solang valley activities dominating the tourism industry of this area, its faces are different in different seasons. Regardless of what time of the year you’re traveling, you are going to find the valley embracing the beauty of every season uniquely.

This is what makes the valley a must-visit irrespective of whether it’s summer or winter. Besides the promising Solang valley activities, you get to visit some beautiful locations too.

A Trip to Solang Valley Promises You an Adrenaline Burst
Photo of ‘A view from the top of Solang valley’ by Silver Blu3 under CC BY 2.0

The Adventurous Face of the Valley

Adventure seems to have no boundaries here in this region. From paragliding to horse rising, you get the chance to pick up your favorite adventurous sport accordingly. The valley offers a wide range of options including skiing, camping, zorbing, and more. Another plus point here is for the bike enthusiasts. They get to rent a Quad bike and go old-school! Did you ever wish to roam around a beautiful land with snow-capped mountains and scenic glaciers and that too by a bike?  Yes, that’s where visiting the valley becomes so enthusiastic!

What’s more, it also offer the snow trek via Solang valley trek. The hiking enthusiasts get an opportunity to explore the beauty of high passes and lush green valleys. So, how better can it get to bring you closer to nature’s lap?

Besides Solang valley trek, the region also gives you a chance to rent a Snow mobile too! Performing such an activity will make you float over snow. The excitement itself is childhood nostalgia, isn’t it?

What about the ropeway ride? Yes, Solang brings you closer to engaging in such a semi-adventurous activity. The ones who aren’t very firm about trekking, paragliding, and more, can give this activity a chance to draw a big smile on their faces. Solang offers some of the state-of-the-art rope cabins to make tourist experience all the more indulging at height.

When should you visit this valley in Manali?

To speak honestly, there’s no specific time when you can get the best of the place. The valley is itself diversifying with its adventurous activities all throughout the year. But specific activities are only available at specific times. If you’re planning to visit Solang valley in September, you can do so. There would be no snow at that point in time! You may find ropeways functioning activity.

Tourist Spots in the valley

These are the tourists’ spots you can visit when in the valley.

  • Great Himalayan National Park – It a bit far from this valley with a perfect amalgamation of adventure and nature.
  • Rohtang Pass – A gateway to Spiti Valley, the pass is considered as a wonderland.
  • Kothi – If you want to escape from the hustle-bustle of city life, it’s a perfect choice.

It is best advised to take a common tour guide in Solang because you may not understand their common language. Also, learn about the climates of the valley and when will you find it safe to travel there. Now that you have been familiar with the valley, you can enjoy your adrenaline rush by performing the adventurous activities here.

Featured Photo of ‘Solang Valley, Manali’ by Raman Virdi under CC BY 2.0

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