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A Travel Guide Before Visiting Edaganatheswarar Temple

Whenever you visit a religious spot, there would be some mesmerizing spots that would fascinate you to the core. But that is true only when you happen to be a religious traveling enthusiast. And in case you are someone like that, a visit to the Edaganatheswarar Temple is a must for you. Intending to visit Madurai somewhere around the corner? Then, you need to pay a visit to this temple. And for that, it is bound to follow some traveling tips just in case you wish to pay a visit to this place. To know more on this front, keep reading on.

Everything to Know about Edaganatheswarar Temple

A mesmerizing Thiruvedagam temple, Edaganatheswarar happens to be a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The Thiruvedagam Naganathar temple is located in this village in the district of Madurai in the Tamil Nadu’s South Indian state. This temple is situated on Vaigai River’s banks and is worshipped as Edaganathar too. It is represented by the Shiva lingam. Lord Shiva’s consort Parvati happens to be depicted to be Visalakshi. According to the history of Thiruvedagam Naganathar temple, deity happens to be revered in the seventh century’s Tamil Saiva work which was written by Tamil saints and is known as Tevaram.


According to Hindu legend, Jainism happened to be the most dominating religion in this particular region. As a matter of fact, Sambandar challenged Jainist scholars for competing. In regards to the rules of competitions, scholars were the ones who had to write verses in the palm leaf and then float in the river. The verses of Sambandar on the Edu, palm leaf, is referred to have gone right against the Vaigai and then settled there. As per beliefs, Lord Shiva appeared as Eduganathar, i.e., the one letting leaf float.

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Tips to Know before Visiting this Place

There’s no denying the excellent location of this temple which is situated on Madurai. You would get convenient bus services from the nearest railway station which happens to be cholavandan. The present structure of the place comes with spacious corridors alongside imposing gopurams occupying an area of five acres. In case you are new to this place and don’t know a convenient route to visit, then you can check the Thiruvedagam temple contact number. The Thiruvedagam temple contact number is best for you to get the best information about the temple.

Why is it important to visit this temple?

People perform some remedial prayers and pujas in this Thiruvedagam temple for the removal of obstacles in life efforts. Hence, a visit to this temple would be exactly what you require! The devotees here offer garlands to the Mother Elavarkuzhali. They also worship the garland and show their efforts in performing pujas for a total of 48 days.

Thus, this compiles everything to know about how paying a visit to Edaganatheswarar Temple will be important for you!

Featured Photo of ‘Muthiah and Ayyanar’ by Kamala L under CC BY-SA 2.0

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