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Sita Kund – A Must Visit Tourists’ Spot In Mirzapur

Uttar Pradesh’s uber connection with tourism is everlasting. Hence, there’s no dearth in saying that UP has a plethora of tourists’ offerings. Bordering India’s capital, UP is one of the most popular places of Indi, especially on the tourists’ front. Being diverse with the Himalayan foothills, it is the home to India’s must-visit tourists’ spots. While Agra and Lucknow cover the most intriguing tourists’ offerings, Mirzapur is nowhere exceptional, owing to its wide range of attractions! Concerning Mirzapur tourism, what cannot be kept unwrapped is the popularity of Sita Kund.

If you’re someone aiming at visiting Sita Kund in Mirzapur on your next trip, then you have been reading the best guide! To know more on this front, keep reading on.

Sita Kund’s – A View On Mythological History

What puts Munger as one of the most visited places is the presence of this particular tourist’s spot. It is one of the finest tourists’ attractions Mirzapur which has always be the only one spot that can massively create inquisitiveness among its own share of visitors. Right alongside four miles east of the town of Munger, lays the Sita Kund in Mirzapur. If you’re a keen user of the Internet, you can get wonderful sitakund video once you keep on searching for it. The place contains hot springs, which is safely referred to as Sita Kund. Apart from this, you can also get a glimpse of the Hindu temple. And right towards the north side, you can get a glimpse of the reservoir of cold water which is named as Ramkund. Towards the west, you can get a glimpse of the three more polls known as the three brothers of the epic character, Ram. These are familiarly known as Bharat Kund, Satrughan Kund, and Lakshman Kund.

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The tourist spot has an interesting ancient story. According to mythology, it belongs to Ramayana period where Sita was rescued from Lanka. Thereafter, when Ram wanted to satisfy the public opinion, he asked his wife to prove that she is pure. She gladly accepted it and agreed to Agni Pariksha. She then came out of the fire test imparted to the pool where she bathed upon. The heat of the body absorbed from the very fire. In the current world,  the hot spring is enclosed and grilled. This reservoir is visited by a wide range of pilgrims on Magh’s full moon day (Maghi Purnima). The water here is also beautifully tranquil and clear. It sends up bubbles from the rocky bed. There have been various explanations of this particular phenomenon that suggest volcanic activities here. Tourism in sita kund is also popular.

While tourism in sita kund is popular, it is more popular especially during the full moon day of the month of Magh. In case you want to get a glimpse of it right before visiting, you can watch sitakund video from the Internet.

Now that you know everything about Mirzapur’s Sita Kund, a visit to it would be a safer bet, hence. So, for the ones attempting to visit the place, here’s wishing you a happy journey!

Photo of ‘Sita Kund and Aman Singh Mehal ‘ by Anupriya gupta14 under CC BY-SA 4.0

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