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A Discoverable Walk At Rudreshwar Temple In Goa

He is the creator, at the same time; he destroys the earth only to recreate it with bells and whistles. He doesn’t exist in one form, and his many forms only make his devotees amazed. Whether in the form of beggar or a furious dancer, he is worshipped in plenty of attires. While his naked, ash-worn outside is discriminated from the royalty any God holds, his mesmerized attire while marrying Parvati amazes every mythological lover. Despite possessing different attires, he is overall the Yogi. While his elegance and grace is known to every of his worshippers, no one on earth are unfamiliar about his Rudra avatar. Rudreshwar temple in Goa is one such example where numerous instances have occurred in the form of incidents associated with it. This guide is a discoverable walk at one of the best temples in North Goa – Rudreshwar Temple.

How to Visit Rudreshwar Temple in Goa?

Just some minutes from North Goa’s Bicholim, there lays the small village presently known as Arvalem. Originally known as Harvalem, this village is familiar only for its exclusive height – 60 feet. One amazing thing about the place is – a visit at any time of the place would give you a great glance of waterfall. The ancient caves are just another feature that holds importance to improve its tourists’ pleasures. This is why travel enthusiasts always make sure to visit this place and explore this excellent hamlet in the North Goa. Passing by the North Goa villages would also help you point out the best North Goa temples there. And Rudreshwar Temple is one of those temples in North Goa!

From the temples in Arvalem, this is one of the must-visit temples. There are beautiful ancient temples that would make your trip all the more intriguing. And then, there’s the Rudreshwar temple in North Goa which despite being a small temple holds enough prominence in this space-age world.

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A Discoverable Walk at Rudreshwar Temple in Goa
Photo of ‘Rudreshwar Temple’ by Joegoauk Goa under CC BY-SA 2.0

An Introduction to Rudreshwar temple

The temple’s board pronounces that it is commonly known as one of the Tirth Kshetra spots. Hence, holding religious prominence is nowhere a false statement. Stepping inside the temple would be delightful because of the architectures. And if you attempt at worshipping the God there, you will find a lovely Shivalinga with top-covered silver canopy. Ponda’s Mangeshi Temple is pretty much similar to what you are going to witness in this North Goa’s temple. Right when the worshipping rituals are over, you might like the idea of sitting down and chatting with the head priest who will tell you the importance of this temple and how Shiva Linga is the Swayambhu (something which has appeared on its own in the temple). Ever since then, devotees come and worship the God.


It is one of the best North Goa temples having small structure that might appear to you as any other temples but plenty of mythological stories define the trueness of the Rudreshwar temple. Nevertheless, the hall has been constructed recently. The temple’s side is home to the priests’ houses. The priests’ houses feature great Goan architecture which is worth a visit! The story of the place is fantastic and will leave Rudra devotees with goosebumps. This is a temple where the mortal remains get merged in the in the holy river water formed by the next-door waterfall. The legends that are associated with the Goan heritage include the magnificence of the temple. The waterfall, the cave, the stories associated with it is just a part of the greatness of the temple.

Now that you know multiple things about this temple, a visit to one of the best temples in Arvalem might be a great decision! If visiting the Rudreshwar Temple in Goa is the next trip for you, pay more attention to the sightseeing spots here.

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Featured Photo of ‘Rudreshwar Temple’ by Joegoauk Goa under CC BY-SA 2.0

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