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A Definite Travel Guide To Everything Around Chunar Fort

Historically speaking, there’s no denying the importance of historic or ancient forts that have become the modern-day world’s assets only to give pleasure to the tourists. While Taj Mahal, Red Fort, Mysore Palace, and Hajar Duari are some of the Indian are just some groundbreaking spots, little do tourists know about the epoch-making sites of India! Talking about them, here’s presenting one of the remarkable spots, which has had paramount importance in the year 1529. For the lovers of history, you might have guessed the correct spot. However, for the cultural travel enthusiasts, here’s introducing everything about the Chunar Fort.

The Past Significance of the Chunar Fort

From the time of Ujjain’s Vikramāditya, settlements have been recorded right here. The fort’s earliest recorded history is from the time of sixteenth century. It has been traced to Babar’s garrison. In the year 1529, many soldiers of Babar were killed during a siege. In the year 1532, Sher Khan is also known as Sher Shah Suri took control of this fort right after capturing the land of Bengal. Acquiring the Chunar fort was easy for him, for he implemented some strategic marriages just to establish his own reputation! But this is not everything about the Chunar Story! To know more, scroll down.

Chunar Fort is one such fort where no longer one emperor ruled! Time and again, this fort’s acquirer got changed. And according to Chunar story, there came Akbar the third Mughal Emperor. Right upon a visit to the fort, he captured it! But no sooner than later, the British East India Company attacked the fort! And after that, in the year 1849, Rani Jind Kaur, the wife of Ranjit Singh was incarcerated in this fort right after the Sikh kingdom was usurped by the British. In disguise of a maid, she escaped then and there. Later on, she was granted political asylum!

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Tourists’ Attractions in Chunar Fort

A visit to the Chunar Fort is as intriguing as making an attempt of reading a historical book! So, when you find yourself out of plans, here’s the best way you can get all possible experiences of visiting a groundbreaking spot of India. The Chunar fort timings are also pretty convenient. So when you visit this fort, make sure you grab your camera just to shoot the spot and keep it intact as an everlasting memory!

For the ones who aim at visiting the place somewhere around the corner, here’s presenting the detail of Chunar Fort. To know more, keep reading on.

  • Walls and Gates

The detail of Chunar fort includes the beautiful walls and gates. There’s the inclusion of the impregnable citadel which is built with massive ramparts. These overlook the river! These are made of sandstone. Out of all the gates, only the west gate of the fort comes with inscriptions. It also comes with least east ornamentation. However, it houses calligraphy-engraved slabs, making the fort’s design all the more brilliant.

  • Buildings

The building’s main structure is the Citadel which is situated right in the northeastern part. A visit to this place would help you get the best glimpse of the “S” shaped brackets which are present right on oriel windows. Since the Chunar fort timings are convenient, you would be able to see the structure more prominently.

Now that you know everything about Chunar fort, a visit to this historical place is a must!

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