A Definite Guide To The Overlooked Places To Visit In Sonipat

Previously known as Swarnaprastha, the golden city is believed to be constructed by the Pandavas. The city has its own share of historical values. It is no big secret that people always look for hill stations near Sonipat! But a visit to this city would just make you fall in love with its heritage and culture, so much so that these below-offered places to visit in Sonipat would become your first priority upon a visit to the place.

  • Khwaja Khizr Tomb

The Khwaja Khizr tomb can be considered as an amazing romantic place in Sonipat, owing to its architectural structure. The garden surrounding the premises is apt for any honeymoon couple who wishes to pay a visit to Sonipat! This is that place where the remaining of the Darya Khan’s son is there. According to the beliefs, he has lived under Ibrahim Lodhi’s rules. The structure has been made up of red sandstone with amazing architectural designs of the Mughals. The monument has been protected by India’s Archaeological Survey. Looking for hill stations near Sonipat? You can perform your own share of survey!

  • Dargah Mamu Bhanja

The tomb is one of the best places to visit in Sonipat which is of Hazrat Imam Nasiruddin and his nephew, Ibrahim. This dargah has been decorated with amazing colorful floral designs. Its inner chamber has been surrounded by the dome-shaped building constructed on a small octagonal drum. The dargah is also surrounded by a beautiful garden. This monument has now been protected by India’s Archaeological Survey.

  • Mosque of Abdullah Nasir

Calling it one of the best places to visit in Sonipat wouldn’t be an overstatement! This mosque is located on the city’s outskirt and happens to be one of the oldest shrines of the Muslims. While the structure is unprotected, the shrine happens to be beautiful when it comes to Mughal architecture. It is believed to be constructed in honor of Abdullah Din, Mushid of Iran’s successor.

  • Murthal

The paranthe from this dhabas around the highway in Murthal have now been their brand. The dhabas are right on your left when you’re driving to Punjab from Delhi. As a matter of fact, some famous ones happen to be Amrik Sukhdev and Haveli. The paranthas get served with dahi and pickles. The delicacies are heavenly and are worth your drive from India’s capital.

  • Chokhi Dhani

Calling it a romantic place in Sonipat would not be an exaggeration! Chokhi Dhani is just spread over a land of 1.5 acres! It happens to be a one-stop destination for a lifetime experience to have an encounter with a Rajasthani village. It can bring in the rich culture and heritage of Rajasthan! Some of the experiences folk music & dance, village bazaars, mehendi services, animal rides, and more! The place is a unique concept which brings together the village-themed entertainment park! A visit to this place would be a great idea to have an encounter with a wonderful ethnic experience!

Sonipat can be considered as an amalgamation of things that a traveler would always love to experience if he or she has a keen interest in Mughal architecture! A visit to Sonipat can be a perfect decision since it is way beyond being just a small Haryana city! Want to experience the best of Sonipat? Then, you can book your tickets and enjoy the places to visit in Sonipat!

Featured Photo of ‘Rajasthan Trip 2013’ by Piyush Kumar under CC BY 2.0

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