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A Definite Guide To The Importance Of Salar Jung Museum

Going back to the 3rd century, museums do hold a long history. Ever since the first museum in the name University of Alexandria in Egypt saw the light of the day, it gradually began acquiring enough prominence. This is exactly why Indian museums are also must-visit spots in recent years. While the concept of the museum has already become global, little does the world know about India’s third largest museum in the name Salar Jung Museum! This travel guide will enlighten you about the various aspects of this museum.

An Introduction to Salar Jung Museum

A trip to Hyderabad would indulge you get closer glimpses of what is safely termed as the third largest museum of India. Salar Jung offers an outstanding view of the history buffs and Salar Jung artworks. This museum happens to be a spectacular one owing to its rich history with an incredible journey to those bygone days. You can even expect the museum to display the best Salar Jung artworks like sculptures, antiques, & other old treasures that date right back to the first century.

The collection was then owned by Mir Yousuf Ali Khan who was the art connoisseur and was also familiar as Salar Jung III. Later on, this was donated to Indian Government by the heirs of Mir Yousuf Ali Khan. Calling it one of the most visited sightseeing places in Hyderabad would never be an exaggeration!

A Definite Guide to the Importance of Salar Jung Museum
Photo of ‘Salar Jung Museum Hyderabad India 2012’ by ShashiBellamkonda under CC BY 2.0

Things to Know before Paying a Visit to Salar Jung Museum

Now that you know about its history fairly, you might wish to pay a visit to the place, right? And if it so, then you should know further about the things that you should know entirely before paying a visit to this place! To know more about this, keep reading on.

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First off, you should make sure not to visit this on weekends, during school timings, college holidays or other holidays. In general, you should also check the Salar Jung museum holiday list before paying a visit! Since the museum is free for the college students and school students, possibilities are rife that you would encounter a long queue upon your visit to the Salar Jung. As a matter of fact, hope management restricts them during the weekdays and not during any holiday or weekend.

After checking the Salar Jung museum holiday list, you should at least keep about three to five hours as you would get to experience a lot of intriguing things out there. You should also make sure not to omit any important parts of this museum.

You would get car parking inside this. Hence, you don’t require searching for parking areas on the road.

With one mobile photo ticket, it would be enough to visit the museum with your family.

Locker is available in keeping the large base apart from those restricted things which aren’t allowed to carry inside the museum. So no need to worry!

In case you wish to visit here with family, school kids, or family, then you can keep the required ID. However, you should always remember to collect free tickets in the first place!

You get a license to visit the food court, toilets, or water which are available inside the museum. In case you are right at 10 / 11 / 12 then you have to visit the musical Salar Jung clock sticking. As a matter of fact, you can also see gathering right beside the Salar Jung clock.

Here, you would be able to get rooms that are numbered from one. So, you should always make sure to follow the sequence just to not miss any! Also, you would also get some AC rooms!

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Thus, this compiles everything to know about the Salar Jung Museum. To pay a visit to this place, pay the best visit as fast as possible!

Featured Photo of ‘Salar Jung museum in Hyderabad’ by fraboof under CC BY-SA 2.0

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