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A Definite Guide To Ramnathi Temple And Its History

Traveling has always been a safer bet whenever you needed some rest from the daily drudges. Whether it is an office goer, a college or school student or a regular homemaker, traveling has undoubtedly been that amazing job which has let them get a fair idea about the outside world encompassing amazing landscapes like seas, mountains, or forests. While it is up to your level of comfort where you want to pay a visit to, there’s nothing to exclude those religious places. Religious places, despite being one of the own kinds of visits; have acquired prominent popularity in terms of tourists. With that, Goa, the pearl of the ornate, has become both the land of seas and temples. Temples in Goa are in plenty, hence you can pay a visit to the land in order to make the best possible attempt at visiting the one-in-a-million kind of temple – the Ramnathi temple.

An Overview of Ramnathi temple

While a visit to the temple would also require learning about hotels near Ramnath temple in Goa, here are some important facts to know about the temple. Before knowing about hotels near Ramnath temple in Goa, here’s what you need to know about Ramnath temple history.

Ramnath’s original temple was situated in Salcette in the heart of Goa. Ramnath idol got shifted to what is known as the present-day location. This was done in the 16th century just for the sake of preventing the destruction of the temple by the authorities of Portuguese. In the year 2011, the temple completed a total of 450 years at the present location!

Ponda’s temple is the ancestral temple of the Konkani since millennia ago.  Each of the communities comprised of their own share of spirits. These spirits were believed to be the savior of the families who protected these fellows them from evil. They also are believed to satisfy the spiritual curiosity that these people have had. The associated deities or spirits received immense gratitude for female as well as agricultural fertility. And there was a time when these spirits evolved in the form of full-blown God! What became the benevolent God of Konkani was Ramnath!

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Ramnath is seen with two of his spouses – Shanteri and Kamakshi representing the fertility that was required in the past for survival. Betal happens to be one of the spirits responsible for everything related to the evils. The primary deity happens to be Ramnath. And the temple therefore is known as Ramnathi temple. The Ram-Nath name equals the lord of Rama, which is better known as Shiva. The temple also houses the idols of Goddess Shanteri who is better known as Shantadurga as well as Kamakshi who comes from Loutolim. Upon the visit to the temple, you are also going to get a glimpse of the idol of Shree Lakshmi Narayan, Ganesh, Shree Kaalbhairav, as well as Shree Betal. This, thus, compiles everything to know about the Ramnathi temple.

A Little of Its History

Ramnathi temple is one of the most popular temples in Goa. Hence, before a visit to the temple, here’s a bit of the Ramnath temple history. The Portugese Inquisition was responsible for all the Hindu temples getting destroyed in Goa. And in their places, the churches were built. There were Hindus forced to get converted and then, there were other people sacrificing their lives solely for faith. Scriptures, literature, and libraries, all were destroyed systematically. That’s when the devotees found it convenient to smuggle the deities of the temple, for saving haven across the river of Zuari. And a part of Goa was then ruled by the Muslim Sultan who was from Bijapur. Whhile Konkanis then escaped with their minimum belongings and started a fresh life elsewhere; others just migrated to the north of Maharashtra. As a matter of fact, most of the people migrated south and they settled in the Karnataka Coast.

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These were a part of the history encompassing everything about the Ramnathi temple. If you wish to pay a visit to the temple, then you can book your tickets right away.

Featured Photo of ‘ramnathi1’ by madhukar pai under CC BY 2.0

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