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A 5-Minutes Travel Guide To Madurai’s Aappudayar Temple

No massive importance has been given to Madurai’s unfolded tourists’ treasure in the name of Sillur. In fact, there aren’t too many folks visiting this place more often. After all, when it comes to traveling everyone is so busy thinking about where to hike or trip. But the beauty lies in the truth and vice-versa. At least, that’s what you might have got familiar with when reading Keats’ poetry. So, when all the folks concentrate on traveling to mountains and take pleasure of captivating the beauty of enchanting places, only a few people take the pleasure of encountering spiritual and religious attractions. To put it simply on the mythological front, the Truth is that this world has been created. And the mythological father of every creation is undoubtedly Lord Shiva; in fact, that’s what the myths and stories indicate! So when you visit Sillur, here’s one of the best Shiva temples in Madurai. Encounter the beauty of Aappudayar Temple.

An Introduction to the Mythology behind Aappudayar Temple

Dedicated to Lord Shiva, this Hindu temple lies right in the shadow of Madurai Meenakshi Sundareswarar Temple. The Royal Sethupathi kings and Pandya kings have made multiple contributions to this particular temple. Praised in Saint Thurugnnana Sambanndar’s hymns, Aappudayar Shiva Temple has acquired religious prominence. In case you want to know the opening timings of the temple, it opens at 6 in the morning and closes at 11 in the morning. After this, you can visit the temple at 5 in the evening till 8! As a matter of fact, this temple has been dubbed as one of the most popular temples in Madurai!

Festivals Celebrated Here

The Aappudayar Shiva Temple celebrates the Brahmmotsavam festival which is a popular festival that occurs in the month of Masi, i.e. from February to march. It also celebrates a proper 10-days ritual of the Navaratri festival in the month of September or October. Not only that, the temple rejoices in the hymns of special Pujas in the month of June and July. Adi Pooram and Aipasi Poornima are some of the special days here. Apart from that, people believe that on the full moon day and no moon day, the idol rises in power and hence they visit the most during these days.

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How to Reach Aappudayar Temple?

Reaching Aappudayar Temple is very easy. All you have to do is find the location of this temple by searching for the temples in Madurai. As soon as you get the exact location, you have to reach Sellur. From there, the temple is just 1 km away from the place. You can visit other Shiva temples in Madurai as well.

Now that you have been given a fair idea about Aappudayar Temple in Madurai, don’t forget to ask for blessings from the idol here.

Featured Photo of ‘Temple Tower’ by Kamala L under CC BY-SA 2.0

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