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Photo by Smeet Chowdhury

The Indian state of Jharkhand is blessed with the abundance of enticing destinations, crafted and adorned by Mother Nature herself. Counted among the newest formed states in the Indian subcontinent, Jharkhand serves the most enthralling vacationing destinations to tourists across the country and abroad. Besides amazing hill stations, pilgrimages and wildlife safaris, Jharkhand lures the tourists with its enchanting waterfalls.

Though in every here and there many cascades are twisting and turning crossing the narrow gorges of the hills and the plateau, but there are a few popular ones that cater the finest panoramic views to people during their Jharkhand tour. Here, we have listed a couple of those stunning waterfalls creating the most spectacular views and great outdoor experiences for nature loving tourists heading to Jharkhand.

Hundru Fall

Situated at a distance of 45 Km from the Ranchi Main City, the Subarnarekha or Swarnarekha River is falling from a height of 98 meters creating the picturesque Hundru Fall. At an elevation of 456 meters, the waterfall is marked to be one of the highest in the state of Jharkhand. The exact location coordinates within 23°27′00″N 85°39′00″E.

A tour to Jharkhand remains incomplete without beholding the spectacular view of the gushing river creating the enticing Hundru Fall. The geographic crafts created by the falling river from the erosion of the rocks add more beauty to the destination.

Winter is the ideal time to enjoy a wonderful day time by the magnificent falls. This is, in fact, a perfect picnic spot for the day tour hunters. Rainy season should be avoided as the course of the falls as well as the river changes rapidly. Vacationers can chill out in the naturally formed pool beneath the Hundru Fall. They can take a dip and swim as well.

Tourists can also visit the nearby Suvarna Rekha Hydel Project as a part of their tour by the cascade.

The place offers great subjects to click the best photographs. The peaceful surrounding and the constant roaring of the waterfall creates a heavenly ambiance altogether.

Hundru Fall is the perfect example of a Knick Point that is formed from the river rejuvenation. The channel of the river is broken by the gradients allowing the water to fall vertically from a distant height.

Best time to Visit– November to February

How to reach

By Air- The nearest airport to reach the Hundru Fall via Ranchi is Birsha Munda Airport which is around 36 km from the destination.

By Train– Nearest railway station is Ranchi and Hatia. Regular trains are available from different Indian states to reach Ranchi.

By Road– Tourists, heading to Hundru Fall via road will have to take the Ranchi-Purulia Road. They have to drive some 21 Km off the main road to reach the destination. Regular buses also ply to Ranchi from Kolkata, Patna, and Jamshedpur etc.

Johna Fall

From the water source of Gunga River, the Johna Falls is plunging from a height of 43 meters at the location of 23°20′30″N 85°36′30″E. Also known as Gautam Dhara as it was believed that once Lord Buddha bathed here. But the name Johna is given after the nearby village of the same name.

To enjoy the spectacular and panoramic ambiance of the falls, tourists have to descend around 722 steps. This is also a river rejuvenation that’s why perfectly forms the Knick Point. After reaching the destination, tourists can visit a temple dedicated to Lord Gautam Buddha by the heirs of Raja Baldevdas Birla on top of the Gautam Pahar. Though the temple was built for the Hindus, at least from the signs it is understood, but people from other faiths of Arya Dham including Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs, Aryasamajis, and Sanatani visit and pray in the temple.

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Tourists can stay at this tranquil destination for a couple of days or overnight. Great accommodation is available at Kisan Bhavan Atithishala & Jalpangrih along with car parking facilities. A caretaker from the Jiling Siring village offers good food of chicken curry, rice, and chapattis, etc for the fatigued travelers explored the falls for the whole day.

Best time to Visit– November to February

How to reach

By Road: Tourists have to reach Ranchi via flight or train and from there they can hire a car or a taxi to reach the Johna Falls. Those who are taking the road to reach the falls will have to take NH-32 to Angarha then have to drive straight to reach the Johna Falls.

Dassam Fall

The Kanchi River-a tributary of Subarnarekha River is plummeting as the Dassam Fall at a height of 44 meters at an elevation of 336 meters and coordinates at 23°08′36″N 85°27′59″E. The actual word is not Dassam, its Do-Song which means Do- Water and Song-pouring. It seems like someone is pouring water as the waterfall there. Thus, the name was so given in the local Mundari Language. But, gradually from Do-Song it became Dassam or the Dassam Ghagh.

This is one of the most significant waterfalls of the State of Jharkhand and usually, tourists manage to take out a day in touring this tranquil place on the lap of Mother Nature- far far away from the maddening crowd of the city life. People only listen to the roars of the falling cascade, the luring cold breeze that forms from the gushing waters and the chirping of the birds in the midst of the serene locale.

Though tourists plunge into the cold water of the basin to take a quick bath, but it is advised to take precaution while bathing in the waterfall.

Those who enjoy adventurous sports can opt for the river rafting on the Kanchi River along with swimming there.  Besides, they can also indulge into multiple water sports options available.

The Dassam Fall is also a Knick point as this is also a result of the river rejuvenation.

Best time to visit– Between February and April.

How to Reach

Tourists will have to reach the destination after reaching Ranchi by train or by air. From there they can get taxis and rental cars to set out for the sightseeing that includes Dassam Fall.

Else, those who are driving straight to the cascade will have to take the Ranchi-Tata highway and will have to take a right turn from the National Highway 33 after reaching Taimara. The drive takes 3 Km from Taimara where a left turn takes to the Dassam falls.
Panch Gagh Fall

Located at a distance of 55 Km from Ranchi city center, the Panch Gagh is one of the most astounding destinations with the 5 faced waterfalls. This is the reason why the fall is known as Panch Gagh which means 5 falls. At an elevation of 600 meters, the cascade coordinates within 22°56′41″N 85°15′17″E. The Banai River is dropping here though not from a great height, still the constant roaring of the gushing waters create an enchanting ambiance.

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Walking through the cemented roads to explore the blessed scenery of the picturesque cascade is a treat for the mind, body and soul. Those who are looking forward to resting on the lap of nature and reduce their stress level caused by work pressure or health; they can definitely get some time out from their Jharkhand tour to rest in this blissful tranquility.

This is a popular picnic hub for the locals and the tourists of course. There are provisions of food and rest along with washroom facilities and car parking. The hourly charge for the parking is Rs.10.

Best Time to visit– Winter is the ideal time to explore the falls.

How to reach

By road, drivers have to take south on the Chaibasa Road from Ranchi. After crossing Khunti and Murhu they will have to turn right from the Panchghagh stoppage. From there they can reach the parking within half a kilometer.

Hirni Fall

At an elevation of 608 meters, the River Ramgarha is plunging from a height of 37 meters. Though, situated within the dense forest, but still adventurous vacationers keep Hirni Fall within their list for its spectacular torrents and the overall scenic beauty of the surroundings.

Tourists will no longer have to camp around here as tourist complex housing lodging and restaurant facility is under construction and it is expected to be open soon. Right now, there is a watch tower, a bridge spanning across the river, a shed where people can rest and facility of car parking are available.

The dense forest houses many wild tigers, bears, porcupines etc. maybe from a deer, the name ‘Hirni’ was given to the falls.

How to Reach

Hirni is a drive of 22 Km from the Panchghagh Fall. Altogether, it is approximately 75 Km from Ranchi.

Lodh Fall

Located in the Latehar district of Jharkhand, the Lodh Fall is situated at an elevation of 143 meters and is falling from a height of 468 feet. The Burha River is jumping to form the fall after crossing many terrains and gorges across the dense forests in the Chota Nagpur Plateau. This is a tiered waterfall with various and diverse drops. The thundering roar of the falling water is heard from 10 km away from the Lodh Fall.

Tourists have to come down 255 steps to get the spectacular view of the waterfall. This is also a great picnic hub and the ideal hotspot for the photographers.

How to reach

It is much nearer from Netarhat. The Lodh Falls is one of the primary sightseeing of Netarhat. A 40 km drive from Netarhat to Mahuadanr and from there a 19 Km diversion can let the tourists reach the Lodh Fall.

These are the most amazing and enchanting waterfalls that have made Jharkhand prouder as it is always for housing the most astounding geographical and historical treasures for the tourists over the years.

6 Waterfalls Of Jharkhand

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