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God’s Own Country, as Kerala is popularly known, is very famous for its vivid natural destinations that offer spectacular holiday experiences to the tourists. Nature has abundantly blessed this land of coconuts such that tourism is the most flourishing industry here. Whether you are looking for tranquil and romantic honeymoon destinations or in search of exciting adventures, Kerala has some of the best destinations for you to enjoy your holidays. From weekend getaways to month-long explorations, you will find the right place here in Kerala. Ecotourism is an important part of Kerala tourism packages. Here are some interesting destinations in Kerala where you can enjoy nature at its best:


thenmala photoPhoto by Rakesh Konni

Packed away in the beautiful land of Kollam, near Trivandrum, Thenmala reckons all nature lovers. It is a renowned ecotourism spot in Kerala which is frequented by tourists from the neighboring states also. Thenmala is a popular shooting location for movies because of its scenic locations. Tourists can enjoy the forest trail, waterfalls, eco-park, dam, boating and the backwaters of Kollam.


gavi photoPhoto by Kerala Tourism

Gavi is famous for its nature and wildlife. It is located near Pathanamthitta. Gavi is a restricted forest area and hence tourists need to take prior permission to visit this calm and quiet nature’s abode. Gavi will offer a truly natural getaway since most of the modern facilities are not available here. This helps to maintain this place as nature-friendly. Forest trails, trekking and scenic tranquil locations including rivers, dam and viewpoints welcome the tourists at Gavi. It is a hill station with many beautiful plantations.


Konni is another beautiful ecotourism destination near Pathanamthitta. The place is famous for the 10-km forest trail and bowl boat rafting which is a rare option to enjoy in Kerala. Konni is also famous for its Elephant cages and sanctuary. The ecotourism department conducts regular trips to Konni for tourists including the rafting and forest trail experiences.

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nelliampathy photoPhoto by dotcompals

Nelliampathy will offer a cool welcome change close to the dry border city of Palakkad. It is a popular hill station which is eco-friendly. Nelliampathy offers some amazing trekking trails, waterfalls, hill top views, and plantation tours to the tourists. The climate is cool during most times of the year. It is a beautiful laid back village perfect for a relaxed holiday experience in Kerala.


kumbalangi photoPhoto by k r ranjith

Tucked away near the busy city of Kochi, Kumbalangi offers a totally different world to the tourists visiting Kerala. It is a small village by the shore of backwaters located within a few kilometers from the heart of the bustling Kochi city. The Kumbalangi ecotourism village us the perfect place to visit if you don’t have much time to travel in Kerala and yet want to explore the beauty of Kerala’s nature. Here in this village, you can see how traditional agriculture, fish farming, coir making etc are done. There are coconut farms also that offer some cool natural goodness of tender coconut water. Traditional food is offered to all the tourists. They can also buy the eco-friendly products made and sold here.

Kuruva Island

Kuruva Island photoPhoto by Sudheesh S

It’s a small island located in the Kabini River in Wayanad. The island is uninhabited by humans. The birds, small animals, butterflies and other insects make this island an exotic destination to the tourists visiting Wayanad. Boating and bamboo rafting are the popular activities here other than bird watching. Kuruva islands take you back to an era much before modernization. You will hear only the chirping birds and insects in this island. Wayanad as such offers some amazing destinations such as the Chembra peak, many waterfalls, Edakkal caves, Wildlife Safari and Pakshipathalam. There are many spice plantations and ruins of Jain temples also to visit nearby. 

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6 Ecotourism Destinations In Kerala

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