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5 Traditional Ways Of Beating The Indian Summer

The long and hot Indian summer months have arrived and guess what these months can be quite unforgiving. With rising temperatures, most of us look for alternatives to keep our homes cool and the option that gets maximum hit are the air conditioners. But do you even know how much electricity these air conditioners consume? Also, they go way ahead in polluting our environment by emitting tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere.

Sadly, these summer months can be really bad for the overall atmosphere mainly due to the severity these summer months bring along with it. The irony is, we are intentionally doing harm to the environment to keep our homes cool and this human need is also draining our pockets off.  How about ditching these hi-tech air conditioners and moving to more traditional options to cool our homes this summer? Read on to know how…

Traditional Ways Of Beating The Indian Summer

1. Traditional Summer Drinks

Practically speaking, there are ‘n’ number of traditional summer drinks that define Indian summers. Made from different fruits, spices and herbs these traditional drinks are awesome thirst-quenchers and truly a perfect way to beat the sizzling heat of the summers. Let me start naming a few, Aam Panna, Bel Sherbet, Piyush, Lassi, Sambharam/ Neer Mor, Taal sherbet, Jil Jil Jigarthanda, Ragi Ambali, Kokum Sherbet, Panakam, Gondhoraj Ghol, thandai, jal jeera, coconut water…. And this list can go on and on and on. These drinks are truly traditional and solely Indian, furthermore, each one has a story of its own, a century-old tale of culture and traditions.

2. Khus Khus Curtains

Heard of Khus Khus? This is a very aromatic grass that acts as a natural coolant. In India, this one ingredient has been an age-old technique to beat the scorching summer heat. The roots of Khus Khus also known as vetiver are woven into curtains and mats and hung on the windows or doorways. Now you may think how does it help, well when water is sprinkled on these curtains or mats the air passing through it automatically cools down – meaning your home will be filled with cool air. These mats also impart a very soothing aroma into the house. These curtains come at very low price and are used by people of all classes. It is surely one of the most natural way of warding off the hot summer breeze.

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3. Try A Therapy Called “Bucket & Towel”

Might sound a bit funny, but it works. What you need to do is, take a bucket full of cold water or ice cubes and soak a towel in it. Note the arrangement of the towel plays an important role, place the towel in such a way that half of it is soaked and other half remains hanging outside. It is believed that this therapy helps in keeping the room temperature lower during the warm summer nights. Interesting isn’t it? Then try it tonight.

4. Matkas – The Natural Clay Coolers

I am sure you would have seen this somewhere. For me and many others like me, there is nothing more cool and refreshing than a glass of water from that “Matka”. Ok, let me explain, these matkas are natural coolers made of clay, basically an earthen clay pot. A bottle of water from the fridge will do more harm than good, but a glass of water from that matka will surely quench your thirst. Another surprising fact about these Matkas is that even if these pots are kept exposed to the sun, the water inside it always stays cold. Matkas are also know for absorbing the toxins and impurities from the water, this is the reason why the water stored in them has that typical sweet taste.

5. Fruits, Veggies And Water

What you eat and drink can make a lot of difference on how you feel during the summers. Try having fresh veggies like leafy greens like spinach and lettuce, radish, cucumber, cabbage and tomatoes are also great choices. Coming to fruits, watermelon, bel and cocum play a huge role in combating summer ailments.  Since summer months make you swear you can lose lot of water from your body. If you don’t drink sufficient water, you may suffer from dehydration. So, don’t forget consuming decent amount of water every day.

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In today’s digital world, we can almost everything at the click of a button. For many switching to traditional methods might seem outdated and weird but embracing them is truly beneficial for our modern lifestyle.

Featured Photo: Baked clay pot by Albert_AA under CC BY 2.0



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