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As will be avowed by all, the exquisiteness of India is imbibed in the unique identity of the each 29 states. And if one endeavors to explore the natural topography and cultural framework of the north-eastern state of Assam, then essence of this afore-mentioned statement gets all the more transparent to the individual. Nourished by the aquatic profusion of Brahmaputra River and glorified by the indigenous cultural practices of Tai Ahom Clan, this Indian region emerges as an exquisite traveler’s paradise. At the international travel map, the domain is specifically upheld for the thriving tea plantations surrounding its geographical symmetries, enticing landscape of southern Himalayan range, enigmatic reserve forests and the celestial shrine of Goddess “Kamakhaya”, which is oriented at the pinnacle of Nilachal Mountain. Nevertheless, in addition to these explore-worthy aspects, there are also 5 offbeat tourist destinations Assam which are adept in fetching divine and delightful daze to a voyager’s heart.

Definite and distinctive appeal of the 5 offbeat tourist destinations Assam

A standardized Assam tour includes an in-depth jungle safari of Kaziranga and Manas Government-reserved forests, a pilgrimage to the “Kamakhya” Temple, shopping pursuit for the famed local silk and “Mekhla” garb and cherish of the celebrated refreshing Assamese tea. But how many are acquainted with “Ahomian Niagra” or the chapel constructed by God Shiva himself at an alcove of this domicile? Not a wide population for sure. For them, the below-chronicled document about 5 offbeat tourist destinations Assam is worth giving a heed to:

Umananda Isle: Oriented at the very chest of Brahmaputra River, this site stands exquisite essentially for being world’s smallest still human-populated river archipelago. Encompassed by totality of a dense wilderness and an array of unknown flora and fauna, the island caters as a perfect ‘haven of solace’. Accredited as the Peacock Island during the British Era, this area’s exquisiteness is amplified by the presence of a 17th century sanctum. History recognizes this edifice to be a structure patronized by the Ahom rulers, while mythology endorses it as the dome devised by Lord Shiva for his better half Goddess “Parvati”. A boat ferry cruise of a brief stretch from the Guwahati metropolis allows accessing this prime domain among the 5 offbeat tourist destinations Assam.

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Assam photo

Photo by Kashyap Kinshuk

Haflong County: Based upon the alpine symmetry of this north-eastern constituency, if someone desires to experience the ardor of hill station assam, then Haflong is the righteous locale to set foot at. Belonging to the Dima Hasao province, this hill station assam is innately distinguished for the Jatinga hamlet, in where, due to an unexplainable reason, at dark night of the monsoons, voluminous flocks of birds commit suicide. Along with this enticement, the hill station assam is moreover special for the undulating mountains and ethereal lagoons. Among them, the picturesqueness of Haflong creek and Fiangpui Orchard multiply this county’s claim of being a foremost of the 5 offbeat tourist destinations Assam. Reachable by a 3 hours bus ride from Guwahati city, this hill station assam is also preeminent for the native tribal population thronging its lands.

Panimur Water Cascades: Not accounted at a regular assam tourist places map, this falls and its surrounding ambience is the perfect fit for those who love the maritime vigor. Situated on the way of reaching Dima Hasao district, this waterfall occupies its niche in the framework of 5 offbeat tourist destinations Assam for its brain-storming aquatic fierceness and complementing calmness of the vicinities. Esteemed as the “Ahomian Niagra”, Panimur urges enthusiasts to cover a 250 km distance from Guwahati for beholding its inherent beguile.

Barak Tea Estates: A southern Assamese county, Barak is particularly esteemed for the scenic pleasure of its sprawling tea plantations. Graced by the purest of climate and fervency of opulent tea foliage, this domain becomes the impeccable elect for detoxifying the mind far from the cries and clamors of city life. Particularly mentionable within its bewitchments is the Dolu Tea Manor, inside whose boundaries is located the heart-fetching Dolu Creek—a coveted for picnic site. The view of sunset from the horizons of this lagoon appears to be ethereal. Barak is easily commutable from Assam’s commercial point Silchar.

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Hill assam photo

Photo by Waypoint-zero

Vestige Car Display: Sequenced 25kms away from Guwahati, is a classical automobile gallery, which does not find a corner over the facet of assam tourist places map, but still is a must visit one. Build up by the personal enthusiasm and effort of Pickloo Deka, the museum treats both the eyes and mind with the colossal collection of about 30 bikes and 54 four-wheelers. One 1921 Chevrolet, One 1944 Volkswagen and motorbikes of the World War II 7 Wonders series aptly certify for the gallery’s vestige quotient.

Acquainting the assam tourist places map

For a region such as Assam that is a barn of bewilderment, it is always advisable to get a beforehand transparency about the worthwhile explore able dimensions. The wit to apply here is to devote a well-enough time in analyzing the assam tourist places map, prior to setting foot there. Along with the old-school book maps, articulate digital diagrams should also be availed of.

Hill assam photoPhoto by lensnmatter

Delightful dose of assam picnic place photo

This riveting region also has quite a few al fresco spots for recreation purposes—the proof of which gets evinced by assam picnic place photo uploaded by local people at digital social medias. The domains mostly inhabited by Assamese society to capture memorable assam picnic place photo include:

  • Chandubi Lagoon
  • Champawati Kunda Water Fall
  • Bhalukpong at the shores of Bhoroli River
  • Akashi Ganga Water Cascade

The divinity of Goddess Kamakhaya doubles up the enthrallment of Assam or “Axom”—a word that implies “A peerless land”.

Featured Photo byKashyap Kinshuk

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