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The Andaman and Nicobar islands give the tourists a unique way to explore seaside tourism. The Andaman Islands are a popular tourist location for families and honeymoon couples. Water sports and adventure enthusiasts also frequent this beautiful paradise on earth to engage in Scuba Diving and Snorkelling. The Andaman archipelago is a beautiful group of islands located amidst the turquoise blue Bay of Bengal. These islands are not only famous for the picturesque beaches but also some exclusive experiences to the tourists. Here are 5 such experiences exclusive to Andaman Tourism:

Parrot Island

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Have you ever seen thousands of parrots together at one place? What if you get to see it every evening? That’s exactly what Parrot Island offers to the tourists. Baratang Island is one of the popular destinations in Andaman Tourism. One of the attractions at Baratang is a dhingi ride to Parrot Island. Every evening thousands of parrots flock this island and roost here. They leave early in the morning leaving the mangroves evenly pruned. Even though there are many other islands nearby with mangroves, no one knows why all these parrots visit only this island and prune the mangroves. It is a beautiful sight to see.


Creek Cruise

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The creek cruise at Baratang Island is one of the highlights of Andaman tourism. It will be one of the most exciting memories you will cherish forever. A boat cruise through the creeks that forms a natural tunnel with tree branches and creepers offer an exotic experience to the tourists. The half an hour cruise will take you to the Nayadera Jetty from where you can trek for another 1.5 kms to reach the limestone caves. Creek cruises can be enjoyed at Havelock and Rangat also.

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Sea Walk

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Walking on the seabed will be one of the most amazing experiences of Andaman Tourism. It is a rare opportunity people get to explore the corals and underwater life so closely. Don’t worry if you cannot swim. Trainers will join along with you to make sure you have a safe and memorable experience underwater. The crystal clear water gives a clear picture of the colorful corals and underwater sea life here.


The Little Andamans

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The Little Andamans is an amazing place to visit in the Andaman Islands. This island is a little far from the rest of the usual tourist destinations. But it is definitely one of the most heavenly experiences of Andaman Tourism. You can reach this island by boat or seaplane from Port Blair and Havelock Island. Tourists can enjoy an elephant ride, 2 beautiful beaches and a visit to the Oil palm plantation at the Little Andamans. But the most heavenly sight will be the White Surf and Whisper Wave waterfalls that look just out of a fairy tale story! These two waterfalls make the visit to the Little Andamans the most memorable journey.


Mud Volcanoes

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The Andaman Islands are not only home to the only live volcanoes at Barren Island. The mud volcanoes at Baratang Island and Diglipur are nature’s wonders that are rare to see elsewhere in India. This is another interesting part of Andaman Tourism. At Diglipur, you can enjoy a few hours’ trek to reach the spot where there are many live mud volcanoes. Early in the morning will be the perfect time to explore these wonders of nature as by noon, it gets very hot and some may even dry out. At Baratang island, these are more accessible to the tourists.

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Mud volcano photoAndaman tourism offers many more amazing experiences to the tourists. The crystal clear turquoise sea in itself is an amazing place to chill out. The quiet and pollution-free environment is perfect for a family holiday and honeymoon holidays too. There are beaches in these islands that are preserved Turtle hatching places. Tourists can enjoy the beaches and many water sports adventures.


5 Experiences Exclusive To Andaman Tourism

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