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6 Compelling Reasons Why To Visit Tosh Valley, Himachal Pradesh

Do you want to find respite from the hot summer or want to attain nirvana from your daily routine? Then we suggest you to visit this fabulous destination – TOSH Valley. Apart from the guided tours, here the visitor can land up into various adventurous activities like trekking, camping, etc. the highlights of this place is the trail that takes you through a wide variety of naturally beautiful landscapes.

Tosh Valley

tosh himachal photo
Trekking to Tosh from Kasol | Himachal Pradesh by Himanshu Negi  under CC BY 2.0

The Ideal Time To Visit This Destination

Though the place enjoys good climatic conditions throughout the year, the ideal time to do trekking to the mighty Himalayas are April to October and June. However, if you wish to experience the chilling winds, then October to February is apt for you. The temperature of the region unusually drops and ranges from 3 to 10 degrees Celsius.

How To Visit 

The best way to visit this destination is to hop on a bus from Delhi and to Bhuntar. There is no direct bus available to Bhuntar, hence the visitor need to change the bus from Manali. From there, various local buses are available that can drop you till Barshaini, from there either you can trek or hire a cab.


Since the popularity of this place has grown by leaps and bounds, so the government has started constructing several guest house and hotels in the village. Most of the guesthouses are equipped with the tandoor, so as to keep this place warm. There are also home-stay options available to the customers.

5 Compelling Reasons To Visit

1. Unparalleled Natural Beauty

Situated at a far end of grand Parvati valley, the village is popular for its unparalleled natural beauty. Away from daily din and noise, the destination swallows down well among the adventure enthusiast. The hippie culture of this destination takes you to the world of its own.

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2. Ideal For Trekking

The destination has gained a lot of popularity due to its nearness to the hippie town- Kasol. The foreign tourists frequently visit this place to find an escape from daily hustle and bustle. Tosh Valley will transport you to the splendid meadows and streams and will leave you to feel unperturbed. What makes this tour apart from the standard tour is either the visitor can select the challenging tours to Animal Pass or easy tour to Tosh Glacier. Both the places are astounding and offer natural vistas with a sneak peek to the valleys, villages, mountains, etc.

3. Rejuvenate Yourself

Another reason why this place is able to hoard tourists in a large number is that it is untouched by modernization. Hence, people from different walks of life, especially from Israel and Europe come to practice meditation in serene natural surroundings. The place offers trance an ordinary man.

4. Enjoy A Lot Of Activities

There are a lot of activities that a tourist can indulge in. The place has famous do it nothing spot where the people can stroll and take a deep breath. The apple gardens, the green pastures give your life a new meaning. The place is ideal for the party people too.

5. The Place Opens The Gateway Towards The Spirituality

Jamdagni Rishi Temple located here offers a breathtaking view of snow-clad Himalayan Mountains and reminds you of the past legends that speak about the invention of umbrella and sandals.

6. The Cuisine

Tosh village has several cafes and hotels that serve Italian and European food. The food is available at high prices, but it is worth trying for. There are some cafes that offer sandwich, pizzas and other fast food, but we suggest you try the local delicacies.

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In the end, we would like to conclude that Tosh Valley is a splendid destination that pre-occupies the visitors with a range of destinations.

Featured Photo: View of tosh valley by bishii under CC BY-SA 2.0

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