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5 Best Places To Visit In Pelling

In my previous article, I said that due to the scorching heat of Kolkata I and my friends decided to take a trip to Darjeeling, Pelling and Gangtok. But there is a story behind Pelling, actually, I had only 5 days to travel and under any case, I had to be back in Kolkata on the 5th day because of some college work. I didn’t really have the time to break my head with travel agents so I delegated this work to my friends. I was told by my friends that we are going to Darjeeling and Gangtok and on your journey from Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling one of my friends informed me that this was going to be a 5-day trip instead of 4 because they had added Pelling to our travelogue as well.

They knew very well that they had informed me this before there was no chance on earth that I was going to agree to this so they decided to hide this piece of information from me. Honestly, I was really mad over them regarding this because I really had to be in college on that day but eventually, I got over it and decided that if I am going there then I should go with a happy mood. In this article, I would be talking about 5 Best Places to Visit in Pelling.

5 Best Places To Visit In Pelling

Pelling photo
“Photo of scenic beauty of pelling” by Shivali Chopra under CC BY 2.0

1. Experience – Road Trip

Before I tell you about the 5 Best Places to Visit in Pelling I would like to share my experience of the transfer from Darjeeling to Pelling. The road trip took us around 4 hours and I have no shame in accepting that this was the worst road trip ever of my life. The roads are extremely pathetic, ill-maintained and filled with rocks which would definitely give you a body ache. Firstly, I was already annoyed that my friends didn’t tell me about this transfer to Pelling and then this irritating road trip acted like adding oil to a fire. They really got a handful from me during the road trip and later due to the road trip, they too were also regretting booking this transfer.

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2. Singshore Bridge

The first place that I would like to talk about in this list of 5 Best Places to Visit in Pelling is the Singshore Bridge. On our arrival at the hotel at around 3 pm, we were informed by our travel agent that they didn’t make any arrangements for that particular day. After the wondrous road trip this was like a cherry on top of a cake. We checked with our travel agent about the places we will be visiting tomorrow so that the places we will be visiting that day didn’t get overlap with the next day. After an exchange of abusive words with my friends, we finally decided to rent a car for around 3 hours so that the day didn’t go as waste and we could roam around a little. The driver took us to Singshore Bridge; the view from this bridge is really amazing. It was like watching a hanging necklace in the middle of a mountain; if you look down from the bridge one can see water streams flowing. The view from here is very serene, and this bridge deserves a spot in this list of 5 Best Places to visit in Pelling

3. Khecheopalri Lake

Khecheopalri Lake photo
“Photo of Khecheopalri Lake” by Akuppa John Wigham under CC BY 2.0

The second place that I would like to mention in this list of 5 Best Places to visit in Pelling is Khecheopalri Lake. Honestly, there are numerous numbers of falls in Pelling; as a matter of fact, the only thing great about Pelling is the falls so if you are not a big fan of waterfalls then I will advise you not to visit here. This lake is kind of a holy lake and helps you understand the Sikkim culture from a broader perspective. The entry fee is also very cheap and shouldn’t cost you more than Rs. 100 (For a group of 5).

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4. Kanchenjunga Falls

The third place to make it to the list of 5 Best Places to visit in Pelling is the Kanchenjunga Falls. The sound of these falls will seriously mesmerize you and if you just stand near the railing it really calms your mind. Also, near these falls there is an adventure sport which you can try. They tie you to a rope through a harness and make you cross the lake near these falls. They even stop you in the middle so that you can take pictures. The road to Kanchenjunga falls is not that great which acts as a disadvantage for this spot, but as I mentioned before roads in Pelling are not that maintained.

5. Rimbi Garden

This place is also called the Orange Garden. This place has a great collection of flowers so if you are a person who is really into fauna then Orange Garden is a must visit for you. They charge you a nominal entry fee of around Rs.30, if you have some patience then you should go to the very bottom of this garden where there is a valley. It is a really great place for taking pictures and there is a small stall which serves tea/coffee; Enjoying a hot beverage sitting on the shore of a valley would certainly relax your senses.

6. Rimbi Water Falls

The last place to make it to the list of 5 Best Places to visit in Pelling is Rimbi Water Falls. You will need to rent a car to reach this place. This waterfall is in the middle of the road so that is something unique. You should try touching the water from these falls; it is really very chilling and it is not something which you generally get to do around waterfalls.

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There are not many places in Pelling where you can visit, it is limited but they are good. If you want to roam around Sikkim then you would be needing to rent a car because facilities like cab or buses are not available in this state. It doesn’t attract that much of tourism like the other cities like Darjeeling and Gangtok but it is a good place to visit if you are into waterfalls. The best thing that I liked about Pelling was that it was very quiet and not crowded, unlike Darjeeling and Gangtok. If you are looking for a place which is peaceful and not overcrowded then I would definitely recommend you to visit Pelling.

Featured “Photo of scenic beauty of pelling” by Shivali Chopra under CC BY 2.0

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