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Rajasthan is one of the important tourist destinations in India where tourists reach from all over the world throughout the year. It is the largest state in India and the most colorful one too. Rajasthan is famous for their colorful culture, attire, art and the rich history. The Forts and palaces in Rajasthan are some of the most visited tourist destinations across the state. Each palace and fort will have their own stories and history to unfold to the visitors. Rajasthan has a different culture compared to the other parts of India.

Centuries before, Rajasthan was divided into 20 sizeable states and it was under 20 rulers. Then each of them made Palaces and forts as per their wish. But it was actually to show off their possessions to the other rulers of the adjacent states. But these beautiful and rich palaces are now the main attractions for tourists visiting Rajasthan.

Lake Palace, Udaipur

Lake Palace photoPhoto by Arian Zwegers

Lake Palace was made between 1743 and 1746 at Udaipur. Maharaja Jagat Singh II, the 62nd ruler of Mewar royal family, constructed this palace. The palace is facing towards the east so that the members of the Royal family could face the Sun God and pray in the morning. Lake Palace is one of the most beautiful palaces in Rajasthan to visit where black and white marbles are used for flooring. The walls are decorated with paintings in a very artistic manner. Since it is located in the middle of a lake, it is like an island. Because of this, many European families were able to take shelter here at the time of the 1847 mutiny. The Maharaja destroyed all the boats so that the rebels could not get into the palace. Later, it was taken over by the Taj hotels.


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Udai Vilas Palace, Udaipur

udaivilas palace photoPhoto by mckaysavage

Udaipur is one of the lake cities where all the rulers used to spend their vacations. Therefore, Udaipur was rich with palaces and forts. Udai Vilas is one of the palaces in Rajasthan located on the banks of Pichola Lake. The palace has traditional flamboyant decor which attracts many visitors. Edifice quality and arty designs make Udai Vilas Palace different from the other palaces. Fountains in different shapes and sizes of the palace will mesmerize everyone. The full-size courtyard and green landscapes will excite the tourists who visit this palace. Now it has been converted into a heritage hotel by the Oberoi group.


City Palace, Udaipur

city palace photoPhoto by archer10 (Dennis) 105M Views

City Palace was constructed in 1559 by the Raja Udai Singh which is one of the biggest palaces in Rajasthan. It was the capital palace of Sisodia Rajput kingdom. The City Palace is a palace complex because there are many other palaces that are placed in the same place. It is known to be the biggest palace according to the base of the palace. The City Palace is also located on the banks of Pichola Lake. The Palace is unique in its fashion and gaudy nature. This palace has had a mixture of Mughal and Rajput architectural influences. It was built on the hilltop so that the King could see the panoramic view of the entire city. The famous James Bond movie ‘Octopussy’ was shot here.


Hawa Mahal, Jaipur

hawa mahal photoPhoto by The Wandering Angel

Hawa Mahal is famous all over the world because of its design. This palace is made in the shape of Lord Krishna’s crown. Hawa Mahal is located in Jaipur which is the capital of Rajasthan. Red bricks and sandstones were used to construct the Hawa Mahal which makes it one of the unique palaces in Rajasthan to visit. The front side of the Mahal is made of honeycomb and it has 953 small windows. These small windows are called Jharokhas. These windows give the whole palace an airy effect and it cools naturally. Because of this wind passages, it is known as Hawa Mahal meaning ‘Palace of winds’. Hawa Mahal was made in 1798 by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh.

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Rambagh Palace, Jaipur

Rambagh palace photoPhoto by Arnie Papp

Rambagh Palace is one of the famous palaces in Rajasthan which is placed in Jaipur. There is a very interesting story behind the making of this palace. This was actually the garden house of Maharaja Sawai Madho Singh in 1835. Later, this was made into the hunting house because it was exactly in the middle of the forest. Later, this was converted into a full-fledged palace. But the later royal family was not able to handle the expense of the palace and its surroundings during the early-independence days. It was handed over to the government of India and later it was converted into a heritage hotel by the Taj group. Splendid formation and its classic interventions make this palace very famous among tourists from around the world.

The Palaces in Rajasthan are world-famous because of their architectural brilliance and artistic designs. Their uniqueness makes all the tourists visit them at least once in their lifetime.

5 Beautiful Palaces In Rajasthan You Must Visit

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