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Potpourri is the essence of Indian identity. Not only does the miscellaneous yet unified texture of the national society gives beguile to a foreign mind, but also the authentically titillating flora and fauna varieties overwhelms that cognizance to the optima. From the spine-chilling Royal Bengal Tigers to the buoyant Nilgiri deers and from the Rose-ringed Parrots to the Bengal Florican–Indian wildlife comprises a real sundry consistency. And South Indian wilderness encompasses a most distinctive fervor of this mystique. Be it the witty mammals, spruce birds or the jocular monkey families, South Indian wilderness owns that profoundness which takes a life time to discover. However, the expert hospitality industry of the region caters some most serviceable and comfy options to avail and cherish the afore-mentioned ardor as much as possible.

Lodgings that adeptly facilitate the feel of South Indian Wilderness

In accordance with the covet ability among travel-devotees to delve and experience crux of South Indian Wilderness, pro hoteliers have come up with state-of-the art accommodations for letting them accomplish this virtuous endeavor. Within the array of such exquisite hotels and resorts, the following 4 are the peerless ones:

South Indian wildernessPhoto by Jram23

Shalimar Spice Orchard, Idukki District, Kerala—Situated at the outer edges of Periyar Tiger Sanctuary, this estate caters the impeccable perks of both leisure living and jungle safari south india. The ambience around is graced with thriving cultivations of coffee, cardamom and those definite spices for which South India is esteemed. Adding to its distinctiveness, are the theme-crafted staying choices that vary from 8 deluxe suits to two pool side chalets and 8 private cabins. Amenities of herbal massages and organized nature walks are flawlessly served by the management. The authorities also make holistic arrangements to let the guests view those awe-raising tigers, bisons, rustic boars, elephants, sambars and other wild mates inhabiting the Government-Reserved Park.

Nature Zone Stay action, Munnar—For availing a tour of the Eravikulam National Reserve and in consequence beholding the rare alpine mountain goat ‘Nilgiri Tahr’, leopards, with-a-tail-of-lion macaque and other exotic faunas, this resort is the apt select. Oriented at a rock top within dense forestry and at the bosom of the Nilgiri range, the domicile renders the real wild vibe, through its lodging styles of wood and bamboo crafted tree houses and highly comfortable tents. Its uphill structure is such that a full view of Munnar can be availed from any of the alcoves. The pruned lawn and a sprawling kitchen garden adds to its popularity quotient. As per the aspect of jungle safari south india, the estate provides convenient transportation to the National Reserve and also takes care of the ticket requisites of its guest. Nature Zone staff is also competent in organizing the vivacious hiking and rock-climbing activities.

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Cabana Coral Ridge, Rameshwaram, Tamil Nadu—The Munnar Aquatic Park houses the most opulent presence of maritime animals and foliage. And to delve deep into the environ of this site, the hospitality offered by this hideaway turns out to be the perfect one. Located at a distance of 36kms from the Park; the domain lives up to the notion of ecological habitat to the optima. The huts in here are devised by recycling used cargo containers and as for constructing the private sea-shore shower kiosks, the hideaway uses done-away-with water and alcohol falcons. Nothing within the boundaries are crafted except of recycled materials and each lodging is furnished with a sun-view terrace and to-be-seated courtyard. There is the facility of on-demand organized excursion to the oceanic world and therein witnessing the beguiling coral walls and enticing bottlenose dolphins, green turtles, sperm whales etc.

South Indian wildernessPhoto by NJ..

Kings Sanctuary—When cruising the enigma of Nagarhole Government Park, a best forest south india, is at a vacationer’s bucket list, then this hotel should be rightfully availed for the staying objective. Treasured at the core of a voluminous 34 acre mango plantation and at a stretch of 60kms from Mysore, this lodging is the befitting elect for those who want to holiday with the urban luxuries, but yet amidst a full-fledged tranquil environ. A real sanctum within the forestry atmosphere, this situate brings totality of contentment to a traveller’s soul by the exquisite perks of home-like erected chalets, personal balconies, in-house gymnasium, bonfires, own pool, on request ethnic dance events etc. The jungle safari south india offered by it can be wholesomely relied over to meet the bisons, elephants, leopards and other such enthralling residents of Nagarhole.

Offering of deep woods munnar

In addition to the above-chronicled accommodations, jungle safari south india can also be cherished to the T, by availing the serviceability of this luxury stay action. Distant from the Cochin International Airport by a road length of 114kms, deep woods munnar is a nature devotee’s paradise. Cuddled up in between the grave southern mountain ranges and bordered by humid rainforests, deep woods munnar fetches delight to heart by its scenic symmetry of cardamom cultivations, which sprawls over a 30 acres plot. The repute of deep woods munnar is also upheld for the apex-level villas, option of customizable stays, delish barbeques and close-to-the-tiger excursions.

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South Indian wildernessPhoto by { pranav }

Acknowledged best forest south india

Along with the names of nationalized forests documented till now, a first-timer to experience the South Indian Wilderness, should also attempt to explore the landscapes of these 4 wild habitations. Each of them occupy top rank amidst best forest south india. The titles include:

  • B R Hills Wildlife Reserve
  • KuderMukh Government Park, Udipi
  • Silent Valley Sanctuary, Palakkad
  • Dandeli Wildlife Sanctum, Karnataka

Apart from the back waters and holy mythical heritages, the wild dynamics of South India too is apt for expedition.

Featured Photo byniranvv

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