10 Must See Attractions in Cuttack

A quaint city situated in the eastern state of Odisha (previously known as Orissa), Cuttack is a tourist’s delight if you know just where to go. It is nicknamed the ‘Silver City’ because of its fine silver works over 1000 years. Cuttack is the commercial capital of Odisha.

Best Time to Visit Cuttack

The ideal time to visit Cuttack would be between November-February. The climate cools down  considerably and the rains stop. Flights and trains are available from all the bigger cities in India. 

Below are the 10 must see, can’t miss attractions if you visit Cuttack:

1. Barabati Fort

You can’t visit Cuttack and miss the fort. The fort initially was developed around the city and was named Katak (which means the fort). The current name is its anglicized version of Katak. Built in the 14th century, only the ruins remain today. It is a scenic place to visit in the cooler months. The lush green grass provides a great place to have a picnic or click some pictures.

2. Bali Jatra Festival

Cuttack has kept a century old tradition kept alive even today. The Bali Jatra Festival (which literally translates to a Journey to Bali) is the second largest trade festival in Asia. During the olden times, merchants used to barter or buy trade items from Asia, mainly Java, Bali or Sumatra and keep those goods up for sale in Cuttack. The festival continues to be held every November to celebrate the same trade, buy artifacts and enjoy the display. Stalls, events, food carts and celebrations are organized on the banks of the Mahanadi. This is a perfect way to experience local culture and food.

3. Dhabhaleshwar

A beautiful and serene island in the Mahanadi River, Dhabhaleshwar is ideal for families and kids. One of the most popular temples in Odisha, the Shiva Temple is located there. Devout visitors and tourists flock to the temple situated on a hill to offer their prayers. Visitors will have to climb the temple firmly placed on top of a hill or take the hanging bridge to the temple.

4. Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary

If you want to view nature at its best, you can’t skip going to Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary. Spread across a massive area of 672 square kilometers, it houses the largest population of salt-water crocodiles in India. View various migratory species, picturesque birds, rare breeds of animals and amphibians as you ride across the sanctuary.

5. Durga Puja or Dussehra Festival

Although this celebration of the Goddess Durga takes place in September or October, you should consider visiting Cuttack then.  Take in the bright, loud, colorful and fervent celebrations of Durga’s victory over evil and pay your respects. Enjoy local cuisine, sweets and culture as you pay your respects to the different pandals in the city.

6. Mahanadi Cruise

Marvel at the calm waters of Mahanadi as you go on a boat ride across the lake. You can enjoy a meal on a cruise or take paddle boats and ride around the lake on your own.

7. Cuttack Chandi Temple

A pilgrimage site for Hindus, the Cuttack Chandi temple belongs to Goddess Chandi. Chandi is a reincarnation of Goddess Durga.  you can check out the impressive Gajpati dynasty architecture while sitting near the banks of Mahanadi.

8. Netaji Birthplace Museum

Thrill the history buff in you by visiting the childhood home of Netaji Subash Chandra Bose, the valiant Indian freedom fighter. Tourists can view letters, books and photos of the legend and see artifacts.

9. Kadam Rasool Mosque

One of the famous mosques in Cuttack, it claims to house the footprint of the Prophet Mohammed. The Kadam Rasool Mosque is a sacred place for Muslims all over India. While architecture lovers can admire the Indo-Persian influence, tourists can enjoy some calm and meditate or just offer your respects to Almighty.

10. Paradeep Beach

You can have fun in the sun when you spend some time at Paradeep Beach. It is situated on the confluence of the Mahanadi and the Bay of Bengal. Travels can explore the port, clear waters and a stretch of beautiful sandy beach.

 And that’s our list of 10 must see attractions in Cuttack. You can be a foodie, family, children, either a history buff or couples or adventure lover , there is something for everyone in this calm and culturally rich city.

Featured Photo: Barahi Devi Temple by bikashdas under CC BY 2.0

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