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Yercaud is as delightful and striking tourist spot in Tamilnadu. It is a popular hill station that is located in the Eastern Ghats. The charm of the hill station and natural beauty of Yercaud touches the heart of every tourist through its panoramic view-points of splendid hill ranges and striking view surrounding cliffs and village. The hilly region is called as Shevaroys range which is located in the Salem city of Tamil nadu. The altitude of this hill station is almost 1515 meters above sea level. Yercaud got its name as it is surrounded by abundant lake and green landscape.


You can enjoy perfect climate throughout the year, because the temperature never reaches more than 29 °C or goes below 13 °C. This is one of the perfect weather to spend some quality time with your friends or family.  As you explore through the paths of Yercaud you can find wide range of wild life on the roads including bison, mongooses, deer, foxes, squirrels, variety of snakes and few rare birds like kites, swallows, bulbuls and sparrows. You can engage yourself with variety of outdoor activities like horse riding, boating, trekking or hiking, mountain climbing or just relaxed walk through the lush of green path.hill station photo











Every year during the mid of May summer festival is celebrated in Yercaud. This festival features a flower exhibition which prolongs for a week, dog show, boat race and traditional village fair. This festival is conducted to pay due respect to the presiding idol of the Shevaroyan range.

There are several places to be explored in this beautiful hill station, places like Arthur Seat, Ladies seat, Sterling Resorts, Killiyur Falls, Pagoda Point and Emerald Lake offer enchanting view of the shevaroyan range.

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Exciting places to be explored in Yercaud!

Arthur Seat is 1 kilometer away from the main point, this place offers a scenic view of the lake and magnificent view of the Shevaroyan Peak. Watching the mind-blowing view of the sun-set is the best feature of this location.

Ladies seat is located near to Arthur seat, the reason behind the name of this location is quite interesting. Local people believe that in this location during British rule an English lady would sit here every evening to witness the supreme beauty of the place, hence forth this place is named as “Ladies seat”. A tower along with telescopes is stationed here to admire the magnificient view of the hill station, Salem city, magnesite deposits and mettur dam. There is also a park situated 2 km away from this spot.

You cannot avoid the mind-blowing view of the killiyur falls. The views of water hitting the impressive rocks and flowing through green plantations will make you stand still.  The altitude of this waterfall is measured to be 300 feet. The best time to visit this place is during the monsoon season where you can see surplus amount of water flowing through the river.

Pagoda Point or Pyramid Point is another enchanting location in Yercaud. The spot got its name as the existence of four mounds of stones that have been organized resembles the towers of the temple or pyramid shape. You can find more beautiful landscapes than ladies seat. This place is still unexplored by many people because of its location. One needs to travel through steep and rocky paths to reach the top which is sometimes risky.

yercaud photo






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Next exciting spot in Yercaud is Emerald Lake. It is the most exciting spot and considered as one of the main junction in Yercaud. More tourists prefer to visit this lake than any other spot as it has many engaging activities like boating.



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