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Andhra Pradesh having the rich historical past, this is ruled by numerous dynasties. Each dynasty gave its own contribution in casting the culture of the Andhra Pradesh States.  The inheritance is always carried frontward very magnificently. The culture and tradition of the state are mirrored in their cuisine, the music, literature, many dances and countless extra art styles. Andhra Pradesh likewise symbolizes its distinct culture. The Andhra Pradesh Museums are the lumber room of the notable collection of monuments, sculptures, all type of paintings and numerous other works of art which have a massive ancient and arty value. If you are a lover of watching arts and history of the various country these museums are for you, it gives an immense pleasure at the time when you see this gorgeous artifact that has been keeping in periods the Andhra Pradesh Museums. The Andhra Pradesh Museums are ironic mines of erratic vintage portions and it is a countless honor to be visited these amazing museums.

Victoria Jubilee Museum


 The archeological Victoria Jubilee Museum is been established in the early year of 1887. Although this museum has been aged more than hundred years, it maintains its popularity since the collections in this museum is unique and innovative. It is situated on the Bandar Road at Vijayawada. The ultimate appeal of this Victoria Jubilee Museum is the statue of the Lord Buddha which is made up of black granite. This bravura statue is without a doubt actually remarkable. Beside the statue, you will also find furthermore stone and bronze sculptures that are exhibited in this museum. Noteworthy between all of them is the white limestone statue of Lord Buddha that was brought from Alluru. These monuments are many centuries old however it is very much well preserved.

 Salar Jung Museum

Salar Jung Museum photoPhotos by fraboof,

You will have an enriching experience when you visit the Salar Jung Museum located.  You are assured to be astonished while seeing this wonderful collection of fine art and work of art. Being one of the popular tourist attractions this museum is always visited by more than million visitors every year. This museum is the inventiveness by a single person. Nawab Mir Yusuf Ali Khan, widely called as Salar Jung III is a lover of art also considered the dominant architect of this collection. In actual fact, the gathering that is kept in this Andhra Pradesh museum is the biggest one man gathering all over the world.

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The Nizam’s Museum


 When we talk about the museums that are in Hyderabad, then definitely Salar Jung Museum will be the first name that comes from every one mouth because of the exclusive collection that is kept in it but we miss out this Nizam’s Museum. The Nizam’s Museum to has an actual fascinating gathering of sculptures and work of art. The visit to this museum in Hyderabad will for sure is a charming experience. The Nizam’s Museum is located in the Purana Haveli in the town of Hyderabad and that is prominently situated in the heart of the town that is 2 km away from the Charminar. Your travel to Andhra Pradesh or Hyderabad will be incomplete if you do not visit this Nizam’s Museum.

 Nagarjunakonda Museum


This museum is located in the Nagarjunakonda. A visit to the Nagarjunakonda Museum in Nagarjunakonda promises to be an experience of a kind. The Nagarjunakonda Museum has got the exclusive peculiarity of being the solitary island museum all over the world. The museum is situated in the middle of the lake Nagarjuna Sagar that is the Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh. At a certain period of time Nagarjunakonda was called the main Buddhist spot. A great amount of Buddhists survived here. The Nagarjunakonda Museum tries to maintain the mined leftovers of the Buddhist society in Nagarjunakonda. Indeed the structure of the Nagarjunakonda Museum will be similar to that of a Buddhist Vihara. The museum is too called later the originator of Mahayana Buddhism, Nagarjuna.

Birla Planetarium and Science Museum

Birla Planetarium and Science Museum photoPhotos by oldandsolo,

 Your travel to Hyderabad will not be fulfilled until you have a visit to the great Birla Planetarium and Science Museum located in Hyderabad. Situated at Naubat Pahad, the Museum was inaugurated in the year 1985 on 8th September by N.T. Rama Rao. It is really the best and rare entertaining spots that edify altogether. The Birla Planetarium and Science Museum is held in a dome-shaped structure that replicates worthy architectural talents. This contemporary museum is symbolic of the growth completed in the arena of science plus technology by our Indians.

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Kolanupaka Museum


 The museum is located in Kolanupaka and came into the eminence at the year of the early 11th century. This town was made the capital city at the kingdom of Kalyani Chalukyas. Currently, it is finely linked to further parts of Andhra Pradesh. The State Department of Archaeology and Museums arranged this Kolanupaka Museum. This museum holds an astonishing assortment of arts and work of art. This distinctive gathering showed in the Kolanupaka Museum is the outcome of the creativity done by the archeology and museum department. They gathered this various collection from several historical monuments from Kolanupaka.

AP State Museum


 The AP State Museum situated in Hyderabad is the eldest and unique of the best museums over the state of Andhra Pradesh. Through the objective of conserving the gorgeous traditional legacy of Andhra Pradesh state, the former sovereign of the state great Nizam Mir Osman Ali Khan made the Department of Archaeology during the year 1915. Together with considerations and archaeological site of ancient spots and protection of historical tributes, this archaeological section involved itself in the gathering of numerous fine art stuff. Lastly, this assortment turns out to be so massive that a museum is built at the time of 1930 years inside the premises of public gardens in the city of Hyderabad. And then it was called to be the Hyderabad Museum. They started collecting the pieces of contemporary art in the year 1950. As a final point during the year 1968, the museum name was changed to the AP State Museum. You will thoroughly enjoy the visit to this and for sure will have an enriching experience.

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