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Why Should You Pay A Visit To Valmiki National Park?

There’s no denying that Nepal and India individually have their own share of tourist prominence. However, there’s the India-Nepal border in Bihar where traveling would become amazing! And if you wish to pay a visit to the India-Nepal border in Bihar, you can blindly pick up one name from the prominence of Bihar’s tourist spots – the Valmiki national park!

Valmiki National Park in Geographical Terms

In general, national park happens to be a strictly reserved area for wildlife and biodiversity’s betterment. A national park is a place where activities such as developmental, poaching, forestry, grazing, and hunting and are not permitted.

From the Valmiki national park pictures, it is evident that the domination of colorful flora and fauna defines the beauty of Valmiki National Park. In geographical terms, the park is situated in Bihar’s West Champaran district on the bank of the River Ganges. It happens to be the only national park in the lands of Bihar. Previously, the extensive area of Valmikinagar forest was owned by Bettiah Raj & Ramanagar Raj until the 1950s. The forest also managed for the timber production.

Although the Valmiki national park pictures can give you a close glimpse of how beautiful it is, there are other important things to know about the park! VTR or Valmiki Tiger Reserve happens to be one natural virgin recess in India located in Bihar’s northwest corner. The wilderness and its pristine forest are excellent examples of the landscape of Himalayan Terai. VTR also consists of National Park as well as Wildlife Sanctuary. The forest area ranges to 899.38 square km. it is about 17.4% of total geographical areas of West Champaran district. There happened to be just a total of 40 tigers in this reserve as of 2018.

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Why should you pay a visit to Valmiki National Park?
Photo of ‘similipal mpg 044’ by Chandan Singh under CC BY 2.0

VTR’s Establishment and Influence

According to Valmiki national park tourism, VTR happens to be an amazing place, which is situated in the district of West Champaran in Bihar. The total area of is round about 335.65 Km. VVTR got its establishment in 1990. Home to a plethora of flora & fauna, VTR happens to be a protected area in India alongside Nepal’s Parsa Wildlife Reserve as well as Chitwan National Park and assessed as the Level-1 TCU by the US.

A diversity of animals including tigers are there in this national part. Some of the animals include leopards, deers, fishing cats, wolves, blackbucks, sloth bears, deer, Cheetal, Nilgai, Indian Bison, One-horned Rhinoceros, jungle cats,  hyenas, rhesus monkey, and more. As a matter of fact, a Jungle Safaris happens to be the best way to spot the species in this national park.

If you have already decided to pay a visit to the national park, you should have already been concerned about the deals regarding Valmiki national park hotels. There are multiple deals that you can find on the Internet concerning Valmiki national park hotels. All you have to do is to book your preferred one as soon as possible.

The Valmiki national park tourism has gradually garnered immense popularity over the past few years. So, if you wish to get the beautiful glimpses of the national park, a visit is a must!

Featured Photo of ‘Lesser Adjutant, Leptoptilos javanicus’ by Brian Gratwicke under CC BY 2.0

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