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Why Kerala Is An Enthralling Beauty Of The East?

Kerala is awe striking place which no one shouldn’t miss. Kerala is definitely one of the places you should go before you die. What makes Kerala apart from other Indian states? Kerala is definitely a heavenly place with Western Ghats bordering in the East and Arabian Sea from the west. It’s no doubt that Kerala the number one tourist attraction in India .Well Kerala is a a whole package, if you are interested in cultural tourism, Kerala has it. If it about exploring a different geography, kerala is the best choice. You can explore variety of Kerala cuisines if you travel from north to south you can try a variety of dishes from muttamala to vellappam, kerala has everything ready for you.

Traditional art forms of kerala are very popular and complex. kathakali is an art form which is very popular around the world. people across the world fly here just to this marvelous art form which explains Indian mythology through beautiful hand signs. mohiniyattam the official dance form of kerala is a fascinating dance which captivate the viewers, there are some beautiful and attractive dance forms like ottamthullal,theyyam, margamkali, oppana, thiruvathira etc, which is unique to Kerala.

When we talk about geography of Kerala we can say is very green but very diverse. Traveling from one end to another makes us realize how variations of green can exist, backwaters are the one of the main attractions of kerala. Houseboat in Alleppey is another attraction which pull visitors to kerala. You can stay in houseboats and enjoy a splendid view of Alleppey. Coconut fields and paddy fields gives an extra charm to these views. Beaches adorn the West part of kerala. kerala beaches have its own unique beauty, you can enjoy the beautiful Arabian sea from the kerala shores. if you visit Wayanad or Idukki you are welcomed with vast tea plantation and hill areas. Another feather to the crown ,Kerala is blessed with forty four rivers, various streams and sub rivers, Waterfalls are a must see if you visit the Kerala. This makes Kerala indeed a God’s own country.

Featured Photo of ‘IMG_3572.jpg’ by Silver Blu3 under CC BY-SA 2.0

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