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Nagaland is a land of wildlife, Tribal heritage, local festivals, handicrafts, trekking, scenic spots and delectable food.  So, if you are seeking unexplored places full of fresh air, abundant flora and fauna, absent crowds and ancient cultures, this North Eastern State of India is the best destination for you during the holidays.

This state shares border with Indian states Assam, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh. On its east lies the country of Myanmar. Home to 16 tribes with different customs and traditions, this area has a huge Christian population.


 The best time to visit is from October to February.  Some places to explore here are…

  1. Dimapur

 The only Airport and railway station of Nagaland are in Dimapur.  So it is the entry point from mainland to this amazing state.  This Land is associated with World War II as British and Japan fought here.

Some of the places to see and things to do in this ancient-modern city are…

  • Visiting ruins of Dimsa Kachari Kingdom
  • Purchase Naga shawls
  • Check out Diezephe Craft Village – for handlooms and handicrafts
  • Tour Chumukedima – allocate  a day to see Nagaland science center, Triple falls, Rangapahar Reserve Forest, Ruins OF Dimsa Kachari Kingdom, Naga shopping Arcade and a Shiva temple
  1. Wokha

Wokha is the home ground for the Lothas tribe, the largest tribe in this state.  You can go trekking on Mount Tiyi and Totsu cliff. Get to view large parts of the hilly area that are carpeted with orchards and flowers.

Some other noteworthy places to see are Liphanyan Governor’s camp, Tehurang valley, Vankhosung town, Baghty valley, the Doyang Hydro Project

It would be a good idea to plan your trip to coincide with the Tokhu Emong Festival that is held here annually.

  1. Mokokchung
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 It is the cultural center of the AO tribe. It is a popular town among tourists.  It is one of the places you should be during the Christmas and New Year. Some of the attractions here are

  • Ungma village
  • Town park
  • District Museum
  • Agricultural festivals
  1. Mon

 The Konyak Nagas, the erstwhile headhunters, populate this land. Places to visit in Mon are:

nagaland tribe photo

Photo by quinn.anya

  • Shangnyu village – view the 8feet tall 12 feet wide monument said to be built by angels from heaven
  • Chui Village – the biggest house has a display of numerous skulls of enemies whom Chief Angh, killed
  • Longwa village – bordering Mynamar
  • Veda Peak – offers amazing views of two rivers Brahmaputa and Chidwin. You can also see a cascading stream here.
  • Naganimora – it literally means burial place for naga queen
  • Shangnyu – to have glimpses of the culture of Konyak Naga tribe

     5. Tuensang

 It is the last head hunting place circa 1978.  This place is the place to buy cane work and other handicrafts.  Some places to visit here are Noklak, Tsadang, Longtrak, and Changsangmongko.

  1. Kohima

Kohima capital city is known for scenic views as also for the gruesome stories of Second World War II. Here is are is a must-visit list of places you should go to in Kohima…

  • Mary Help of Christians Cathedral –  for architecture
  • War cemetery British+ Indians fought against Japan
  • Kohima Museum
  • Pulebadze Peak and Japfu peak – Trekking
  • Naga bazaar for local fruits, vegetables, spices, fish, meat, farming equipment, flowering plants, traditional dresses.
  • Dzuleke
  • Tseminyu
  • Naga heritage village and Kisama Heritage village
  1. Dzukou valley

 This valley lies on the border that Nagaland shares with Manipur. One can experience serenity and peace here, some 2452 Meters above sea level.  This valley is famous for flowers, especially Dzukou Lily.

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Hornbill festival

 One of the biggest reasons why you should visit Nagaland is to take part in the Hornbill festival. This very popular festival is held every year in the first ten days of December. It is also one of the biggest revenue generating festivals in this region. This place is also a get-together of old folk from different tribes to exchange vibes.

The destination is Kohima and all 16 tribes of this state participate in this festival. There are various cultural activities lined up along with craft exhibitions, Kids Carnival, sports events, beauty contents, Food courts, film festival, and rock shows.

Cultural shows include traditional dances, folk songs, glimpses of war traditions and Musical concerts. International Rock festival is a famous event here held at Indira Gandhi stadium where both local and international rock musicians participate on level footing.

At the Traditional exhibition called Morungs you will find arts, crafts, herbals, flowers, paintings, sculptures and wood carvings.

Here are some to-do activities at Hornbill festival. You can see glimpses of all the traditional dresses that 16 different tribes wear. Collect souvenirs, eat traditional food or even learn to make them and also converse with the tribes when there.

Featured Photo by deepgoswami

What To See In Nagaland During Your Holidays

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