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Thirparappu is a small village in Kanyakumari district, Tamil Nadu. This place may not be a famous tourist attraction for bringing in a lot of foreigners. But, it is sure one of the most beautiful places in Tamil Nadu, where nature presents itself in a beautiful form. After the advent of electronic and social medias, such villages get a spotlight as people prefer a less-crowded spot to enjoy holidays. Though waterfalls at Thirparappu attracts local crowd from Tamil Nadu and Kerala, it is worth a visit to enjoy a weekend and picnic.

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Kumari – The land of Nature

The southern most tip of India Kanyakumari is lovingly called as Kumari by the locals. Kumari literally means “young girl” in Tamil. Relevant to the name, this place offers a lot of eye-catching spots to enjoy visually and mentally. Kanyakumari is a visual treat for everyone which contains natural serene beauty within, delivering a state of tranquillity and relaxation to her visitors.

A few more facts to mention – this is the only place in India which has both east and west bordered by three different waters. It proudly hosts the junction of Indian ocean, Bay of Bengal and Arabian sea. The mountains of Western Ghats add life to this place, making it more visually appealing. Among the various tourist attractions of the district, the waterfalls at Thirparappu, is worth mentioning.


The Thirparappu village is located around 5 km from Kulasekharam, a main town in the area. It is easily accessible by road from Thiruvananthapuram (capital of Kerala) and Nagercoil (the district capital of Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu). The village population involves in small scale agriculture and tourism related trade.

A dam is built across Kothai river which is also called as Kodaiyar river. The reservoir is known as Pechiparai dam, from which water flows for more than 10 km, before its grant descent as Thirparappu falls. The height is around 50 ft from which the waterfall drops. Water falls for almost the entire year and hence gets the name “Kumari kutraalam”. Kutraalam or Courtallam is another waterfall in nearby Tirunelveli district.

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The district administration has successfully enforced the laws of “no plastic, no shampoo” in the region. In fact, it is everyone’s duty to act according to it. There are separate bathing arrangements for men and women with dressing rooms. There is a mini swimming pool artificially constructed for kids to enjoy. Apart from the waterfalls, there are parks, boating area and view points which make this place a good choice to visit.

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A visual treat

A lake near the waterfall hosts boating ride for visitors. There are different types of boats suitable for couples and families. Tall trees stand along both sides making the boat ride more enjoyable. The place is bordered with hills and vegetation, which makes the air fresher. The subtle weather offers a sense of peace to our mind and happiness to our hearts.

The visitor’s responsibility

At present, we have choked the earth already with enough plastics. Polluting water bodies will make only things worse. There are certain things to keep in mind while heading a trip to waterfalls. Preventing the use of plastic bottles, bags and containers, proper usage of trash bins will help us to maintain the place better. Using soap or shampoo while bathing under the waterfalls will pollute the water and such practices have become a punishable offense. Visitors are advised to take care of the vegetation and the animals within, hurting which would affect both sides – nature and us.

Thirparappu offers a chance to escape from a tightly packed urban life. Our days are packed with daily chores and tension. Travelling to these places with our loved ones revitalizes our mind and refreshes our memories.


Photo by jeganet

Waterfalls At Thirparappu

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