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Khajjiar is often called the Switzerland of India because of its exclusive glade. The place is one thousand nine hundred and sixty meters in height and also has a circumference of roughly five kilometers. Along the fringes, there are trees dotting the area as a thick forest of the deodar trees. The snow covered tops of the trees rise above the woods which as a sight is extremely intriguing. You might have certain difficulties in believing the reality of this beautiful and serene picture, but let me tell you, once you get to visit the place; you would be pinching yourself to believe. In fact, this place has been tagged as the mini Switzerland by the very Chancellor Willy Blazer in the year 1992. In fact, Khajjiar falls in among the best 160 best tropical places that resemble the beauty of the Swiss Valleys.

Khajjiar photoPhoto by Sandeep Brar Jat

Still do not know about Khajjiar?

The Khajjiar is situated in the very lap of Himachal Pradesh’s northern fringes along the circuit of the Dhauladhar range. This place is miles away from the hustling and bustling of the city. Not many of the travel mongers actually know about this place. The travellers who head to the Himachal would only go to Malanli, Kullu and Shimla, but in the lap of the Himalayas, if you want to witness anything striking, then this is the place for you. The nearest commercial town is the Pathankot. In fact, Pathankot is the nearest station for anyone who is travelling from New Delhi.

Khajjiar photoPhoto by Shaikh Irfan

Rail Journey to Khajjiar

On my journey from New Delhi to Khajjiar, I had to board on the Dauladhar express. The train started at 7:309 in the morning and reached the Pathankot Railway station by 8:30 am. I had to struggle a lot in the maddening traffic of Delhi, but once we boarded the train. The rush somewhat got lessened. When we stepped out of the Pathankot station, we picked a car and asked the driver to take us to the best hotel of Khajjiar. After an hour’s drive, I stopped at the Dhaba for breakfast. After biting on to the piping hot aloo paratha with a generous amount of butter and a cup of tea, the uphill journey began which went through the dense forests of pine and Deodhar. After a drive of ninety kilometers, we reached Dalhousie, and at around 1:30 am, we reached at Khajjiar. The hotel that we stayed in was extremely comfortable, and the employees were really friendly.

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After a quick shower, and hot tea, we headed out for our much awaited trip to the valleys of Khajjiar valley. The meadows are extremely close to the hotel that we were staying in. The valley of Khajjiar is extremely undulating and there is a distinctive lake situated at the center. The meadows are lined by the layer of deodar plants and the woods were active with the bustle of the animals. The tourists who visit the place come from the adjoining states of Punjab, Rajasthan and also from the faraway places like Kolkata, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. You can still at this place for many hours and also get to eat the snacks and the food from the nearby stalls.

The children also will be able to ride the ponies in search of joy. The lake Khajjiar is hardly managed by the Government, as it was  a responsibility of the,. The lake looked very dry. Never the less, the people can indulge themselves in other exciting activities like paragliding and even zorbing. The Chamba valley of Himachal is a town which just twenty six kilometers away from the valley of Khajjiar, and since we went there at the time of Dusshera, at our visit to Chamba, we saw the people rejoicing the festival in great pomp and grandeur. The color and the pomp of the place was not less and we did not feel to be left out of the city because of our holiday. We also visited the Lakshmi Narayan Temple at the town and after the pooja, we sat and relaxed and took the pictures of the local scenes.

Featured Photo by Srini G

Khajjiar, India’s Own Switzerland In Himalayas

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