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Experience the authentic taste of culture at Tepantar

West Bengal has the rich cultural heritage of creativity. The state is not only famous for Rabindranath Tagore and Rosogollas but also for rich folk culture.  Every sub-communities and district of the state will tell you different stories. The state itself is like a small sub-continent, regarding the various amalgamation of races and culture since time immemorial. But with the passing of the time, some of the older heritage was in the path of the danger of extinction due to the shortage of proper attention and recognition. But due to some cultural enthusiast, the focus is now gradually shifting from the grandeur of the capital Kolkata to the beauty of the interior lands. One such initiative is the Tepantar.

The tepantar theatre village is a beautiful initiative by Mr. Kallol Bhattacharya.  Set amidst the beautiful setting of the tranquil village of Satkahania, it is located in the district of Bardhhaman. It is the birthplace of the indigenous folk theatre group- ‘ebong amra.’ The team was kick-started in the year 1996.The main motto of the ebong amra was to tap the particular talents of the local tribal youths which would, otherwise, had lost in the drudgery of the daily laboring.

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The beauty of the art and culture and folklore

The member of the theatre group will present you some eloquent performance of drama, martial arts, music, design, and sound.  Tepantar focuses on the rehabilitation of the local school dropouts and by giving them the magic wand of creativity, leads them to a new life. If you are in love with the countryside and want to spend your holidays far from the busy city life, then Tepantar is your destination. As soon as you enter the premise of tepantar theatre village, you will see various members of different age and genders are actively involved in rehearsals, theatre performances, and classical folk dances.  The whole campus is spread over 4 acres green landscape. A unique thing about these activities is that as a visitor even you can participate in the daily performances of the group members.

Tepantar has its own farming facility along with fish farming and poultry. You will enjoy the fresh and healthy food during your meal course cooked by local villagers with great care. The theatre workshop and performance is done on the open air stage and space.

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The abundance of history, nature, and merriment

Tepantar itself is a unique resort for nature and culture lovers all around India. Other than that you can also bask into the sunlight on the banks of Ajay River. Amidst all these, you will find the majestic and beautifully carved Shyam Rupa Temple telling stories for 600 years. But above all, do not miss the view of the infamous Ichai Deul, an eloquent 70 feet temple build by Ichai Ghosh and experience the spirituality and calmness. At evening, marvel at the soulful string of the Baul Music at the premise of Joydeb Temple.

You can visit the theatre resort any time as it is open and welcome all year round. But if you come during November, you will witness the grand tepantar mela. The festivity is celebrated from November 24 to November 26 every year. Thousands of local artifacts are displayed and sold and the grand theatre festivities are arranged showcasing the versatile talent of the rural Bengal.

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Where to Stay

The premise of the village nest beautiful cottages which can presently accommodate 25 members. The cabins are well furnished with clean water supplies. Freshly cooked breakfast and lunch will greet you along with tea and mineral water. You will be provided with the friendly guides for the tour.

Destination to reach

If you want to travel via train, then the nearest railway station is Panagarh. From there it will take hardly half an hour driving time to Tepantar.  The infamous town of Shantiniketan is just 1hour away. Directly from Kolkata, it will take 3.5 hours on the road.

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Indulge in the local flavor and soak into the festivities of tepantar mela this year and create memories.

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Visit The Theatre Village Tepantar In Bardhaman This Year

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