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Visit The Mylai Karpagambal Mess To Taste Original South Flavors

As you walk inside the serene Kapaleeswarar temple, your satisfaction will know no bounds. Oh, how purely you wished for that ‘darshan’, and how elegantly your spiritualism rose right after having an eye-to-eye conversation with the idol! Sure, certain things cannot be elucidated in words. And, as you satisfyingly walk outside the temple after offering your prayers, your fasting soul will seek some mouthwatering delicacies after showing your respectful gesture of having the ‘Prasad’. En route back to your hotel or house, you’ll find a strategically located restaurant. And as you see the name ‘Mylai Karpagambal Mess’ embedded on a restaurant’s entrance, don’t think twice before stepping inside.

Welcome to Mylai Karpagambal Mess

Right opposite to the temple, the restaurant is situated. From pongal to pizza or from cold coffee to filter coffee, every dish at this restaurant has utmost power to satisfy your food craving soul. This is a South Indian eatery that boosts the cultural flavors of South India. It’s just not an exaggeration to state that your visit to Mylapore would remain incomplete without pampering your taste buds with lip-smacking South Indian dishes at Mylai Karpagambal Mess.

To bring forth a cultural addition to your trip to Mylapore, you can visit the restaurant and pamper your taste buds with authentic South Indian cuisines. The Brahmin eatery is delighted to offer its guests a fantastic and delectable spread to give a mouthwatering authenticity to your taste buds. Now, you might be asking about its ambiance, isn’t it? So, here goes your experience prior tasting the South Indian foods here.

A walk inside the Mylai Karpagambal Mess and tasting Original South Indian flavors
Photo of ‘Onam vannae’ by George Augustine under CC BY 2.0

Experiencing a local yet savoring ambiance

No, this South Indian eatery does not feature a posh ambiance with swanky décor. Neither does it sport any additional silver cutlery to it. It’s a small, tiny, and humble mess of the place and is nonetheless immensely popular for being recognizable as one of the most fantastic restaurants in Mylapore. Savoring the fan-favorite South Indian dishes at this restaurant is an amazing affair.

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The other popular messes like Mylai Karpagambal Mess and Rayar Mess are crowded most of the times during the evening times. These places are visited by tourists as well as locals. These messes are regarded as the quintessential vegetarian restaurants serving ‘full meals’ plates. And, this just means that you can get as many as a total of twelve dishes and these are traditionally served on the banana leaves.

Dishes to order: From authentic to all-new tastes

The eat-out encompasses something that no other South Indian eatery has. While it enjoys a lot of attention from the tourists, it doesn’t make locals go away from its delicacies. After all, it prides in assisting visitors with mouth-watering foods and polite behaviors of the staffs. The menu that it has on offer is only to makes you go drooling. You can even order food via Zomato Mylapore.

Because it retails its authentic flavors, it stands tall. S. Prabhu Das, the one taking responsibility of this restaurant has stated that restaurant embraces the modern flavors as much as it sticks to its original South Indian culinary skills. Thus, you can also order cold coffee and pizza if you aren’t really a true-blue fan of the original taste of South Indian dishes.

This restaurant is over sixty five years of age, and serves more than fifty people at one go. The restaurant retains the original ideas of culinary skills implemented in the making of the South Indian foods. Vegetables that get used are beans usili, potato podimas, lemon pineapple rasam, and avial.

Summing up

From your temple-hopping experience to savoring South Indian tastes, your Mylapore trip has so much on offer! And right after you have a beautiful taste of the food out here, don’t forget to thank this post. So, do you think this restaurant is worth your second visit?

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Featured Photo of ‘King of all south-Indian tiffins’ by balu under CC BY 2.0

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