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Visit The Lord Vishnu-Dedicated Govindaraja Swami Temple

Lord Vishnu’s supernatural powers lie in everything on this planet, that’s what mythological evidences prove. He’s the creation of everything, and he’s the destroyer of his creation itself. Believe it or not, despite the controversies behind the existence of God, people still worship, and people still visit temples to take blessing. Temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu still hold enough prominence for a devotee. And if you’re visiting Tirupati anytime soon, here’s why you shouldn’t miss out visiting this temple. You can visit the temple from the airport, since Tirupati to Govindaraja Swami temple distance is not too long.

Govindaraja Swami Temple – In a Nutshell

Tirupati being a wonderful city houses a wide range of temples. Sri Venkateswara Temple is one fine example that defines the local’s devotion towards their religion. Lord Vishnu, being a prominent worshipper of locals, has a wide range of temples dedicated to him. To put things simply, Govindaraja Swami Temple is one of the major religious tourist attractions in Tirupati. See how Andhra Pradesh’s spiritual capital gives devotees a chance to encounter the beautiful experience of visiting this Lord Vishnu temple. To witness grandeur and magnificence of this beautiful temple, see how you can enjoy here.

The Temple in Geographical and Historical Terms

What to expect visiting Lord Vishnu-Dedicated Govindaraja Swami Temple
Photo of ‘Gali Gopuram’ by { pranav } under CC BY 2.0

Amidst Tirupati, 20 km away from Venkateswara Temple, there’s this temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu. Calling it one of the largest and oldest pilgrim complexes in the state is not an exaggeration. Created in 12th century by Ramanujacarya, its sanctum is believed to be in existence ever since ninth century.

According to its history, Parthasarathy Swami happened to be the deity of this temple right before consecrating GovindarajaSwami! Kotturu was the village which was near Tirumala hills. It got shifted to Sri GovindarajaSwami Temple’s vicinity that emerged in Tirupati city later on. Among Vaishnavites, it holds importance as a prominent pilgrimage site in today’s world. What’s more surprising is the commendable architectural style that it features.

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Deity and Festivals celebrated

The deity here is Lord Vishnu, also known as GovindarajaSwami. He stays in the reclining posture of yoga-nidra, facing the east. His right hand stays under his head, while his left hand stays straight over the body. The consorts of the deity are Bhudevi and Sridevi, sitting at Govindaraja’s foot. The prominent festivals celebrated here in this temple are Ekadasi and Brahmotsavam.

Why should you visit this temple?

For a Lord Vishnu devotee, visiting this temple does make sense. You can make your plan also to explore the unconventional sites. The architectural side of this temple is very strong; it gives a great idea about Dravidian architecture. So, an architecture admirer should always look upon visiting the temple. Besides, you can savor the divine aura and feel peace and tranquility all around.

Capture the beautiful mythological portrays and give the photographer you a chance to shoot amazing shots by exploring the areas beyond the temple’s boundaries. Some of the points of attractions near the temple are Kapila Theertham, Padmavathi Temple, and Tirumala Hills. You can take train because Tirupati railway station to Govindaraja Swami temple distance is not long.

When should you visit the temple?

As mentioned already, the most celebrated days of the year in this temple are Ekadasi and Brahmotsavam. You can visit here during the time. Otherwise, the best time to visit this particular temple would be during the months of October to March. However, the temple is crowded by devotees visiting all year round.

How to reach Tirupati?

If you’re taking flight, you need to land in Tirupati airport. The Tirupati to Govindaraja Swami temple distance is about 15 km from the airport. If you’re taking a train, you can take a cab to reach the temple. The Tirupati railway station to Govindaraja Swami temple distance is 23.6 km. Tirupati is also connected to major roads too.

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If everything’s clear to you now, what makes you have a second thought about visiting Tirupati? Book your tickets now, until then, here’s wishing you bon voyage.

Featured Photo of ‘Tirupati, Sri Govindaraja Swamy temple, gopuram’ by Arian Zwegers under CC BY 2.0

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