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The food scene in India has been evolving with restaurateurs bringing out new concepts to enhance the dining experience. Keeping up with that trend, Blindfold, a pop-up restaurant in Bengaluru promises an entirely amazing way of enjoying a meal. You embark on your culinary journey at the restaurant with your eyes closed, literally. Blindfold is a restaurant that’s about getting your attention solely on the food by involving all senses into the act except one of course – your vision. While you are here, you will remain blindfolded through the entire course of your meal.

Eating blindfolded is meant to heighten the sense of taste and smell, a novel way to appreciate and savour the food in front of you. Although we do not realize it much, we do tend to ‘eat with our eyes’ as we prefer to take in the sight of a beautifully laid out plate and decide in our minds about the palatability or taste of the food before we actually dig into it. When we remain blindfolded we are forced to let our sense of smell, touch and taste take over thus connecting better with the purpose of our visit-enjoying the food and savouring its flavours. Eating in the dark enhances our imaginations as we are forced to envision what the food on our plate looks like. It takes us away from our overly phone centric ways and offers a better bonding experience with someone close while sharing a meal. It forces us to shed our inhibitions and get down to having fun and connecting socially in a unique way.

At Blindfold restaurant, the diners can have a visual tour of the exteriors before they are blindfolded and led to the dining area for the intriguing ‘blind meal’ experience. Blindfold just doesn’t serve food, they have small fun filled activities which help you get used to the blindfolded experience. They have a hearing simulation activity with soothing music and instructions to relax the mind. The touch centric activity allows you to feel and understand an object in front of you and reproduce it on paper, an activity that brings out your imagination. Next, they have activities to tickle your sense of smell by identifying ingredients or scents. Finally, you are led to the taste centric activity – the meal in itself. Blindfold has a three-course meal catering to the vegetarian and non-vegetarians and to keep the surprise element going, the menu changes every single day and you will have to keep guessing what’s in store for you on your plate on the day. From French cuisines to the traditional North Indian ones, they keep mixing it up so you have a dining experience that’s unmatched. The diners are well guided throughout the whole meal time by the staff, helping you adjust to the task of getting used to eating your food without seeing it and all the while maintaining a meaningful conversation with those around you. It is essentially an hour of rekindling your senses, a unique experience while savouring good food.

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The hour long culinary affair will not burn a hole in your pockets with the vegetarian experience pegged at INR 500 and the non-vegetarian one at INR 550. It’s not just the food that you are paying for it’s the whole blindfolded experience as a package.  The place remains open for lunch, high-tea and dinner with specific timings. You can reserve your seats to be on the safer side. So hurry up and experience the fun, rekindle your senses, discover a new level of bonding with your companions through the unique dining experience at Blindfold pop-up restaurant, RT Nagar, Bengaluru.

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Visit Blindfold In Bengaluru – To Experience Dining In The Dark

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