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Not only urban travel enthusiasts are packing their bags for Purushwadi, but travellers from small town cities are also coming here to satiate their wanderlust. Over the past few years, the travel industry is booming here because of its unique Fire Fly Festival, organized by Grass Routes (an organization that let people showcase the rustic, ancient, rural India with a new lens).

Purushwadi – Firefly Festival

Fireflies photoPhoto by takot

What makes this destination spectacular?
Situated 71 km from Igatpuri, Purushwadi is a village well-connected with railways and airport. This village has come into a lime light owing to the festival that gives a common man dizzying experience. Yes! People come here from all across the globe in the months of May and June to experience the fireflies.

What really set this festival apart?
Its unique fairy tale experience makes it apart from traditional music festivals. The village is a home to millions of fireflies that form a spectacle of all sorts during their mating season. If you really want to experience and want to know a little more about Mother Nature, Purushwadi is a destination.

How can you get there?
As told above, Purushwadi is well connected by train and airport, so reaching to this destination won’t be a hassle. Renting a car or taking your own car is the easiest and fastest mode to reach the destination. The stations that are located in its close proximity are Igatpuri (80-90kms away) or Kasara (90-100 kms away). From either of the two stations, the visitor can take a bus or a jeep and reach to Rajur petrol pump and there on hop to another jeep to witness the bioluminescent beauty.
Airport located near to it- Pune (171 kms), Mumbai (200 kms)
Nearest Railway Station- Igatpuri, Shirdi, Nashik

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What gives this festival a singular experience?

Apart from watching these nocturnal flies, the tourists can indulge in several activities like bonfire sessions, jam sessions, enjoying the delectable cuisine, staying in a tent house, etc. The festival starts from May 23 and ends on June 6. So, all those people who want to have a look at the flashy flirts don’t miss it.

Apart from that, here you can immerse yourself in a typical tribal experience. Like you can visit the farms, plough them, sow the seeds, and do harvesting activities, cook with the villagers, have a look at the villager’s lifestyle and so on. Trekking is another activity that you can resort to. Grassroute, the brainchild behind this festival organizes the itinerary very carefully. So, peace of mind is guaranteed here.

Where can you find accommodation?
As told, Grassroutes organize the tiny tent house or’ a camp site. You don’t need to worry about the hygiene; the organization takes care of it.

What all you need to take to make it a memorable experience?
There are certain things that you can’t leave without. So, if you are planning to visit Akole block of Ahmednagar district or want to rejoice the village inhabited by Hindu Mahadeo Koli tribe, don’t forget to take these things with you.
Sunscreen, an umbrella if it is raining and toiletries! And yes! Don’t forget to take your Marathi tongue with you because people in this village understand this dialect better.

At the end. I would like to conclude with this quote, “ The world is a book and those who don’t travel read only a page.” So, if you ready to get a breather from your daily grind or want to get lost in the world fascinating little insects, pay a visit here. Definitely, you won’t regret coming here.

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Photo by sammydavisdog

Village With Firefly Festival – Purushwadi

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