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When it comes to the dressing style of Gujarat, the first thing that comes to mind is their unique culture and tradition. The Gujarati dressing style is more cultural but the booming fashion industry has influenced the culture of the state. People have started adopting the western dresses. Apart from the flashy and beautiful dresses, the women adorn themselves by wearing stylish and fashionable accessories.

Ethnic Wear of Gujarat

The clothing trends vary as per different areas of the state. Fine thread work, patch work, bead work are normally found thus adding something extra to the customary outfits of Gujarat. The ethnic Gujarati dresses are bright in color and vivid in style. The different communities have their own dressing style like Garacia Jat women wear black or red colored chunni whereas the Rabari women wear open black blouses, known as Cholis or Odhnis.

Costume of Men

The traditional attire of men in Gujarat are dhoti, short or long coat and a turban. Chorno, the cotton made outfit is the usual costume worn by the men of Gujarat. ‘Kediyu’, a small size of angrakhu is worn all over chorno for covering the men’s upper body. Men also put on a headgear, also known as ‘phento’ which is a layered thickly piece of cloth. These days, pants and shirts are becoming popular.

Costume of Women

The traditional dress of Gujarati women is Ghaghra Choli, accompanied with Odhni or a Dupatta. Women wear Chaniyo, a colored petticoat decorated with mirror work. The dress comprises of a choli and Odhni which is used to cover the upper area of the body.

Traditional Costume of Kutch

The costumes of Kutch region of Gujarat are very attractive, eye-catching and adorable. “Abhas” is the traditional costume of the region. It is basically a  choli worn by the Gujarati women folk living in the villages. This amazingly styled dress is embellished with mirror work. This is mostly seen in the villages of Kutch region. Abhas is stylishly decorated with silver and golden thread work. The thread work and decorative patch work gives a beautiful look to the outfit. The men of the Kutch region wear short coat, loose trousers, long sleeved under jackets and pure silk clothes.

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Bridal Costumes

Costume for Bride

Ethnicity is the main component of the Gujarati wedding attire for bride. Sari along with the traditional jewellery is the main and ideal dress for a Gujarati bride. The two basic types of Gujarati sarees are:

  1. Panetar: White saree with red bandhini border
  2. Gharchola: Red saree with overlapping woven golden squares.

Costume for Groom

Dhoti and Kurta is the traditional attire for Gujarati groom. The popular colours are fawn, yellow, lemon and cream. But, with the advent of modernism, men prefer wearing Pajama and Kurta.

Ornamental Embellishments

Beautiful ornaments and jewelries are worn by both men and women since olden days. Some ornaments like ‘Kanthi’ worn around the neck, ‘Vinti’ worn in fingers and silver ‘kandora’ worn around the waist were commonly used in the past. Women in rural areas mostly put on heavy silver ornaments. Broach was a very important center for precious stones and metals. Because of this, numerous stone cutters, carvers, artisans settled around these trading areas. Thus, jewelry making hubs are spread all over Gujarat. Around 90% of the diamonds of the world are cut in the cities of Ahmedabad, Surat, Navasari and Bhavnagar. The Gujarati women wear bangles, rings, necklaces, earrings and mangalsutras. Cities like Bhuj, Mundra, Jamnagar, Anjar, and Porbandar are well known centers of silver jewelry making.

The state of Gujarat demonstrates an array of costumes, befitting the purpose of any occasion, as well as weather conditions. With the impact of modernization in the society, the tradition has not faded its sparkle. Thus, the traditional dresses have not lost the glory of their past.

Vibrant Gujarati Attire

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