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Veli Tourist Village – A Charming Resort In Kerala

Veli Lake is the most enchanting and spectacular lakes in Kerala. Situated in the capital city of Thiruvananthapuram, it offers an amazing store of entertainment and fun filled activities.

Veli Tourist Village
Photo of ‘Veli Tourist Village’ by Kerala Tourism under CC BY-SA 2.0

The tourist village is a prominent resort in the heart of the lake, illustrating a scenic view of the Veli garden and the splendid Veli beach. The myriad attractions in the tourist village are noteworthy with boat rides, swimming pool, numerous options for games, a unique floating restaurant and a charming landscape.

There are several ways to reach Veli Tourist Village. Thiruvananthapuram International Airport is the nearest airport and Thiruvananthapuram Central is the nearest railway station. Several private and public buses operate between the city and the Tourist Village. You can also hire a cab or ride your own car to reach the resort. The resort is open from 8AM in the morning till 6PM in the evening. The ideal time to visit the Tourist Village is between the months of November and February when the weather is comfortable and pleasant.

Numerous and wide range of activities entice the tourists throughout the day

Boat rides

Boating at the lake starts from 10AM in the morning and continues till 5PM in the evening. You can enjoy rides in various types of boats starting from the paddle ones to the super-fast speed boats. Safari boats are also available for a tour around the Veli Lake. If you want to try your skill in rowing then you can opt for the row boats as well.

Long walkway

There are two walkways along the lakeside. The long strides along the pathways offer a magnificent view of the picturesque landscape with its superb beauty and sublime wonder. The blue waters of the lake create a glorious atmosphere especially during sunrise and sunset. The reflecting sun rays create a gleaming and sparkling effect on the lake waters. The calmness and tranquility of the beach enlivens the spirit and rejuvenates the mind.

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Bird Watching

The place is a perfect destination for bird watchers. One can observe several water birds like swans, kingfishers, cranes along with the house birds like pigeons and doves. The birds flock in large numbers near the trees and the lake sides in the mornings.


Several parks are present inside the Village premises for children. The parks have multiple rides for the little ones to enjoy and amuse themselves. The play areas are delightful to watch as the small kids giggle and chirp around merrily.


The resort hosts a number for food joints, ice cream parlors, drinks arena and a floating restaurant. The restaurant is managed by the State tourism department, where you can find the typical dishes from South India for refreshments. The location of the floating restaurant is breathtaking providing a striking view of the lake waters and the golden sands of the beach.

One of the key attractions of Veli Tourist Village are the wonderful artistic sculptures of stone. The prominent among them is the large conch or shell which is placed at the middle of the lake waters. The conch is considered to be the trademark of the resort. Another masterpiece sculpture is that of a woman in a sleeping position. The beautiful creation is that of the famous Indian sculptor, Kanayi Kunhiraman. Various other interesting stone sculptures by Kanayi Kunhiraman, embellish and enhance the aesthetic charm of the garden. The garden is well maintained and is adorned with bright and vibrant flowers.

Another interesting point inside the Village premises is the floating bridge. The bridge, connecting the garden and the beach, provides a grand view of the lake and its gorgeous surroundings. The plush greenery and the dazzling waters mesmerize the visitors as they roam across the lavish panoramic Tourist Village at the backdrop of the Veli Lake. You can find different types of colorful fish and tortoises inside the lake.

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There are options for horse riding as well and also several gaming zones. Shops selling local products are also present within the resort. A swimming pool is also present if you want to have a cool dip into the water and soothe your body.

The Tourist Village with the quiet beach accompanied by the balmy breeze and the serene lake instill a feeling of freshness and purity within our mind and soul. An ideal reason for a perfect tourist and picnic destination for multiple tourists from India and abroad.

Featured Photo of ‘Veli Tourist Village, Kerala’ by Kimberly Snyder under CC BY 2.0


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