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Who might have thought somebody could strategize one such breathtaking city 15,000 years back. It had a most fabulous arrangement – layers after layers of town improvement. The most elevated amount of ability in otherworldly existence, science, arithmetic, music, and space science all assembled in a single place. Shiva delighted in the scholarly force, music, the organization of individuals, and the very way in which the city was planned. He began to look all starry eyed at Varanasi and it is said that he did not have any desire to leave any longer.

Superstructure of Kashi is devastated and the focal point of Varanasi became an intense vitality shape, which made a tower of light. Such a variety of sages and holy people have discussed the pillar of light, the real Kashi being a vitality frame over the city. Indeed, today also, the portion is in place, yet the base and the principle sanctuary have got badly devasted. Be that as it may, one viewpoint you should witness on the off chance that you will have open door – at night nearly 7:30 in the morniong, there is one specific custom, which is known as the Aarti of the Sapta Rishit.

Varanasi photoPhoto by jafsegal (Thanks for the 2,5 million views)

When Lord Shiva had transmitted yogic knowledge to the Seven Saints and they all had turned out to be completely illuminated and enlightened, and then Lord Shiva transferred them to various corners of the globe for spreading this information. Before they cleared out, they communicated their trauma. Shiva showed them a straightforward procedure, which still is there on right up ’til today in the form of Aarti of the Sapta Rishi. This arati is directed by these ministers who might not have the idea behind it; still rather they adhere to the procedure. I saw how they constructed stacks and heaps of vitality, much the same as that.

The most important things that you must do at your stay in Kashi and Varanasi

Varanasi photoPhoto by jafsegal (Thanks for the 2,5 million views)

  • It is mandatory for your to take a boat ride on the breast of Maa Ganga, while your visit to this pilgrim city of Northern India. The boatmen invariably charge a fortune to the visitors, but you have to keep your bargain on and settle down with a feasible amount of money.
  • Start with your journey up the river, and reach till the complex of the Hindu University of Benaras.
  • After having the perfect view of the skyline of Varanasi from the breast of the river, your next rendezvous with the city will call for a visit to the Malviya Bridge, from where you can see the clear view of down streaming Ganga. The Malviya Bride is created in the double decking pattern. On the upper deck, there is the road, and on the lower deck, there is the railway track. The bridge is the home of many homeless people of the city.
  • The Malviya Bridge marks the very end of Varanasi.
  • The ghats of Kashi or Varanasi have their own way of weaving a magnificent experience for each and every traveller out there. While there are ghats that are there for the purpose of washing clothes, the others are solely dedicated to the worshipping of Gods. Also, there are also certain ghats which are meant for the cremation purposes. Some notable ghats are Tulsi Ghat, Dasaswamedh Ghat, Manikarnika Ghat and Assi Ghat.
  • There are so many hotels in Varanasi, which have the terraces for serving food. It is advised to the tourists to eat food at any of the place, and enjoy the scenic view of the ghats while having food.
  • Visit Varanasi at the time of its festival to get the true flavor of it.
  • Once you set your foot in Varanasi, you will be startled to witness the small alleys which are sparsed with small houses. If you are new to the town, then you must carry a compass with you to avoid any kind of events of losing your path.
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So pack your bags, and set out for a beautiful journey to this mystic land of Kashi or Varanasi and let your soul soak in the miracles of Lord Shiva with your body’s every new breath.

Featured Photo by jafsegal (Thanks for the 2,5 million views)

Kashi In Varanasi, The City Of Lights In India

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