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Vajrai Fall, The Tallest Waterfall In India

The unique 3- tier Vajrai waterfall is one of its kind near the Satara city of Maharashtra, India. The waterfall is a pictographic waterfall is situated at a height of approx. 560 meters i.e. 1800 feet and is around 27 km far from the Satara city. The place is situated very close to the famous flower valley, also known as Kas Plateau of Satara. The Vajrai waterfall is named as one of the tallest waterfall in India. The waterfall is a permanent waterfall, which means it flows throughout the year but it gets spectacular especially in the Monsoon season. Because of this, tourists from all the state and country flock to this place to cherish the enchanting 3-layer water streams and its beauty. This popularity of the waterfall gave huge tourism opportunities to the locals of Bhambavali village and hence tourism became main business in this village.

The Vajrai waterfall is overloaded with incredible nature and pleasant tranquil climate. It is combination of uniqueness, immense beauty, stunning nature, ancient temples, enticing caves and wild life along with several other activities such as boating, trekking, etc. Vajrai waterfall is also famous amongst the locals as well as in tourists for its religious association. The Urmodi river is believed to be originated from the waterfall itself. There are several other small yet stunning waterfalls nearby which can be visited during this trip.


Apart from its picturesque places and tourist attractions, the Vajrai waterfall is also famous for its religious and historic purpose. As per the locals of the Bhambavali village, the Marathi Saint named Shree Samarth Ramdas Swami climbed the complete mountain in just 3 steps and because of that, the Vajrai waterfall got into a unique 3 – tier waterfall. Since then, the place got its devotional and religious beliefs amongst the locals of Bhambavali village. The place also has some centuries-old religious places and temples which acts as a major tourists places.

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The famous and beautiful Vajrai waterfall is situated in the Sahyadri hills in Maharashtra’s Satara city. This pictorial waterfall is widely known for its unique 3-stages, its height and the scenic backdrop of lush green valleys. As per the records, the height of the waterfall is around 1800 feet i.e. around 560 meters. The waterfall is located in close to the famous Kas plateau in Satara.

Things to see nearby the Vajrai Waterfall

The Waterfall

The stunning 3 – layer Vajrai waterfall is a must see attraction here which has a height o around 1800 feet. Apart from this main waterfall, there are several small and stunning waterfalls nearby the Vajrai waterfall.

The Caves

There are several small caves around Vajrai Waterfall area and it is one of the main attraction, apart from the waterfall, that attracts tourists in a large scale.


Tourists visiting the Vajrai waterfall enjoys Boating a lot. Boating in the area is arranged by the government board that looks after the waterfall and its surrounding area. It is arranged in the Tapola region and you have to pay some amount for it.

Urmodi Dam

The origin of Urmodi river is from the Vajrai waterfall and the Urmodi dam is also built on the Vajrai waterfall. The dam provides stunning panoramic view of the entire place. Apart from this beautiful dam, you can also visit Urmodi dam backwaters, Thoseghar waterfall and Sajjangad fort from the nearby areas.

Here are some precautions you should definitely note before visiting this waterfall:

  • The surrounding area of the waterfall has thick forests all around, so visiting this place while its dark is quite dangerous.
  • Do not visit this place during heavy rains.
  • It is not advisble to go to the base of the waterfall since it is very deep.
  • Do not consume alcohol or non-veg in the waterfall premises, as it is strictly prohibited.
  • The nearby water pools are very deep so be careful while you take a dip.
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Best Time To Visit Vajrai Waterfall

Vajrai waterfall flows throughout the year, so one can visit it any time of the year but the suggested best time is during September to November when it flows in its whole capacity. However, don’t visit it during heavy rain.

The waterfall remains open from 8 am to 5 pm on all the days and is free for everyone.

How To Reach

By Air: the Nearest airport is at Karad airport which is around 65 km and second, closest is Pune airport which is around 147 km far from the waterfall.

By Railway: Satara railway station is the closest railhead here. One can then get a private car to reach to the waterfall from the railway station.

By Road: To reach the waterfall, you can use your private vehicle else city buses operates very well in this and around the area. Once you reach Satara bus station, you can get a bus for Aladwadi to reach to the Bhambavli village.

If you want to experience the real paradise, close with nature in absolute serenity and tranquillity, Vajrai waterfall is the place for you!

Featured Photo: The Fall by Manigandan Swaminathan under CC BY 2.0

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